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Today, Iranian applications have also become popular among the audience and they can be used without restrictions. Rubika is one of the Iranian programs or social networks that many people install it on their phones and use its features due to its multi-user usage. The latest Rubika service offered to users is the possibility of building a shop in Rubika, which has made the process of buying and selling various products easier in this program. This program, like other applications, can have advantages and disadvantages that we discuss in this article.


Getting to know Rubika’s store service

Before creating the ability to create a shop page in Rubika, many shop pages were active in this application and users could create a shop page in Rubino and advertise and sell their products. Currently, this feature has been improved in Rubika and has facilitated the buying and selling process and better advertising of stores and their products.

Build a shop in Rubik's
Build a shop in Rubik’s

Special store service facilities

Among the facilities and capabilities considered for building a store in Rubika are the following:

  • The possibility of directly connecting the Robino post where there are store advertisements to the product purchase section in the store and directing the user to the product purchase page
  • The ability to add products to the store
  • The possibility of submitting product purchase requests and orders by customers
  • The ability to apply for official ads on the main page of the store

Steps to build a store in Rubika

To create a shop page in Rubika, several steps must be done in order; These steps are as follows.

  1. Enter the main page of the Rubika application
  2. Click on the term “Plus Store”.
    Build a shop in Rubik's
  3. Enter the information of the store owner and the details of the store.
  4. After entering the information, the information must be confirmed by experts; So you have to wait for a while
  5. After successful registration in Rubika, store facilities are activated and can be used.

tip: The important and significant thing is that to have more sales in Rubika, the amount of your followers has a significant impact on the amount of sales, credit and visits of your account. You can increase the number of visits and sales of your account by buying followers of the Rubik’s page.

How to use the Rubika Store service

To be successful in making money by building a shop in Rubika, you should learn how to use and work with the shop service of this application. To work with a shop page in Rubika, you need to create a shop page in Rubino, then upload your desired content, which includes images and product descriptions.

On the main page of Rubika and through the store section of this service, register your desired store so that the store is activated; You should always keep your store up to date. The important point in this case is that currently the first page cannot be selected as a store, and the user must create a new page to start the store, which was explained in the previous part of the article on how to create a store page in Rubika.

Benefits of Rubik's
Benefits of Rubik’s

The benefits of using the Rubika application

Rubika is an Iranian application that has advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we mention the advantages of this application.

  • Internet consumption in Rubika is very low.
  • Working with the Rubika application is simple and easy.
  • It is highly secure in terms of privacy and user information.
  • In Rubika, activities are done at a high speed.
  • For Mobile First and Irancell operators, when using Rubika, the internet volume is zero.
  • The Rubika app is known as a comprehensive app or super app.
  • In terms of user experience, it is very good.
  • It is possible to use other social networks in Rubika.
Disadvantages of Rubik's

Disadvantages of using the Rubika application

Along with the unique benefits that it offers to the user, the Rubika application can also have some disadvantages, which are mentioned in a few cases.

  • By installing the Rubika application, the user faces a large amount of advertisements.
  • The movie and series streaming section in this program is not free and the user must pay to use it.
  • The font size of the writings in this application is small, which will be annoying for users.
  • The settings section of this program has flaws and weaknesses.
  • In different parts of this application, the level of interior design quality is different.

How to withdraw money by creating a shop page in Rubika?

After learning about building a shop in Rubika, it’s time to learn about withdrawing money from this application. If you complete your earnings dashboard, it is possible to withdraw money at any time; Also, to see the amount of income, you need to go to the Rubika settings section in the main menu and go to the earning section.

After the money transfer request, the money will be deposited into the account if the content of the channel and store is in accordance with Rubika’s rules. The content of the store is checked and approved by the admin in Rubika.

To withdraw money from the Rubika application, the important point is the minimum balance, which must reach 100 thousand tomans to be able to withdraw; Of course, over time, this amount will decrease to 10 thousand tomans.


In short, the way to create a store in Rubika is that on the main page of this program, you must click on the “Create your own store” button to start the process of creating a store page in Rubika. After entering personal and store information, you have to wait for approval from Rubika experts. If the data is confirmed, the shop features will be activated in Rubika.

Frequently asked questions about the Rubik’s program

  • To whom is the income deposited in Rubika?
    The income obtained from the sale of products in Rubino is considered for the owner of the page, and in Rubica it is for the person who publishes the content.
  • Does Rubika make money from forwarded messages?
    No; The person who forwards a message increases his income and no amount is allocated to him.

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