How to install and register on YouTube from zero to one hundred in simple language

Register on YouTube: YouTube is one of the most popular social networks. Using this program, you can not only watch different movies and series,

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Rather, it can be considered a university and school through which many lessons and tricks can be learned. YouTube is one of the best sources of income for many users known as YouTubers.

By recording a variety of educational and motivational videos, you can operate in this type of online platform and earn money in this way. Before you can earn money, you need to download this program and create a user page for yourself.

Stay with us in the rest of the article to introduce you to the installation and registration training on YouTube. For more information on YouTube and how to install and register, you can visit the site to buy Instagram followers.

  • How to install and register on YouTube from zero to one hundred in simple language

How to install YouTube

To install the YouTube program, you must first enter the official website and download this program. First of all, create a Gmail account for yourself. To install this popular program, you can use two different methods, which are:

The first method of installing YouTube: In the first method, you can use your phone’s browser to install YouTube. For this purpose, it is enough to enter the search section of your phone and search for the YouTube address

It is better to know that the YouTube site is a filter inside Iran. For this reason, you must use the filter breaker to enter the YouTube site.

How to install YouTube

When you enter the YouTube website, you will see a message about installing the YouTube program at the top of the browser. Click on the desired message and download the version compatible with your phone.

The second method of installing YouTube: To install YouTube in the second way, you can search for this program from reliable applications such as Play Store and Google Play and then download it.

Download the YouTube application

How to register on YouTube

After that program YouTube with any of the two methods mentioned

Once installed, it’s time to register in this program. When you log into the YouTube app, it will ask you to enter your Gmail address.

In this step, enter your account username and password to easily complete the first step of registration in the YouTube program.

How to register on YouTube

After entering the YouTube program, you can click on your profile avatar on the right side of the program and complete your account information, including name, photo and other information.

To use YouTube, you will need a blocker not only when registering, but also when running YouTube.

If you don’t want to create a user account in the YouTube program, you can use this program as signed out. In this case, you must click on the use YouTube signed out option.

How to register on YouTube 2

In this way, you can watch YouTube videos, but you will not be able to save, comment and like YouTube posts.

How to create an account on YouTube

It is very easy to subscribe to the YouTube program. In Iran, due to sanctions and restrictions on its use, you can use IP change software.

To use YouTube, turn on your anti-filter. For more information, visit the site to buy Instagram followers to easily join and use this program. In this section, we want to introduce you to how to create an account on YouTube:

1. First, you need to enter the YouTube website.

2. Creating a Google account is an essential requirement for YouTube membership. If you already have a Google account, there is no need to create a new account. But if it is the first time you register in this program, you must click on the sign in option.

How to create an account on YouTube

3. After clicking on the sign in option, you must click on the create account option and enter all the requested information such as first and last name and email.

4. After choosing your account password, click next.

How to create an account on YouTube 2

5. At this stage, you must confirm your account. For this purpose, you must enter your email and click the confirmation code sent to the email. After that, your account will be verified.

6. At this stage, when you have selected your gender and date of birth during activation, you must click on the agree option so that all information is automatically entered on the official YouTube site. After completing all the steps, your YouTube account is installed.

Important points in setting up YouTube on the Android operating system

In some cases, you may encounter the problem of not opening the YouTube program. In this case, it is better to pay attention to the following points so that you can easily solve the problem:

. If the YouTube app does not open on the phone, it is better to update it.

. In some cases, clearing the cache should solve the problem of YouTube not opening. It is better to go to the phone settings section of the YouTube software to delete the cache and proceed to delete it.

. In some cases, not setting the phone’s date and time accurately will also cause any problems. It is better to check the exact date and time of your phone.

. It is better to use the Chrome browser to open YouTube on your phone.

. If your problems are not solved by doing all these steps, you can check your internet connections.

. If you encounter the problem of YouTube not opening, it is better to delete the program and install it again.

final word

YouTube is one of the most popular programs after Facebook. By using this program, you can download different types of videos in different fields on this platform and online platform.

You can also earn money in the YouTube program by creating a personal channel and achieve a good position in this program.

So, you can buy followers like Instagram by buying YouTube services from the site Buy YouTube subscription And buy YouTube comments and watch time to credit your channel. You can download this program from the most reliable programs such as App Store and Google Play.

Frequently asked questions about installation and registration on YouTube

Do you need a filter breaker to use YouTube?

The use of YouTube in Iran faces restrictions that you must use an active filter to use it.

Is it possible to use the application and the YouTube site at the same time?

Yes, both methods can be used simultaneously.

Is it possible to earn through YouTube?

Yes. By creating a personal channel and sending attractive videos along with doing advertisements for other reputable pages, you can get a very good income.

What methods can be used to install the YouTube program?

By using the official website, as well as by using reliable programs such as Play Store, etc., you can install the YouTube program.

Do you need a Gmail account to register on YouTube?

Yes. You need a Gmail account to register on YouTube.

What methods can be used to correct the failure of YouTube?

You can correct YouTube’s excellent performance by updating YouTube, setting the phone’s time and date, turning it off and turning it on again, checking Internet connections, using the Chrome browser, and clearing the YouTube cache.

Is email confirmation required to register on YouTube?

Yes. To register on YouTube, you need to confirm your email and the code you sent.

Is the YouTube application filtered in Iran?

Yes. That’s why you need to use a filter to use it.

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