How to increase your views on Instagram?

How to increase your views on Instagram?

There is no doubt that making money on Instagram or any other social network depends on being seen. Everyone, even celebrities, are trying their best to get more views. This event can differentiate a page from other Instagram pages and thus increase income. In this article from the Digi Follower site, we intend to describe the methods of increasing Instagram visits and examine its various aspects. We suggest that you stay with us until the end.

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Why do we need to increase visits?

You may ask yourself why we should be looking to increase traffic at all. Isn’t it more important to strengthen the current communication with the audience? The reality is that in addition to strengthening your existing connections with your followers, you should also be looking to increase traffic at the same time. Your competitors are not sitting idle and are looking to increase traffic with any trick from buying traffic to advertising. Therefore, neglecting this issue every day can bring you one step closer to the destruction of your business.

In addition to having an impact on Instagram algorithms, increasing visits can cause a post to be entered into Instagram Explorer, but it can also inspire the trust and confidence of the audience. Most people trust the content of posts that have been seen by more people. On the other hand, the high number of views can convince the audience that they are dealing with a professional collection. So they are more likely to buy your products or services.

The next point is that your content may contain your advertising message. So again, the more people see it, the more likely you are to make a sale. If you work as a blogger on Instagram and you plan to make money through advertising, you will still need a lot of visits because advertisers offer to do this to pages that have a large number of views. .

But what should you do to increase our visits?

Send content at the best possible time

Send content at the best possible time

It doesn’t matter if you want to publish a story or a post. In any case, it is necessary to upload them at the best possible time to get the most views possible. Finding the best possible time may seem like a difficult task, and it really is. There is no 100% solution to reach these numbers, but you can guess it with a little trial and error and using Instagram’s internal tools like insights.

You might be thinking to yourself that content is no longer shown to users in chronological order these days. This is absolutely true. However, these hours can still help.

Attention to the quality of published photos and videos

Instagram is an image-based social network. Therefore, it is necessary that the photo or video that you prepare is of sufficient quality. This can show your superiority over other pages. Note that no matter how important the content is, the quality of the presentation of that content also has a special value and credibility.

In order to increase the traffic of your posts, you need to publish photos and videos that cannot be seen anywhere else. Use good fonts for your writings. Pay attention to the appropriateness of colors and choose a good size for photos and videos so that Instagram does not cut and distort them.

Attention to the appearance features of the page

Maybe until a few years ago, the appearance of a page was not very important, and as soon as you published content, you could attract an audience. But these days, graphic features are as important as content. There is a lot of competition between different pages, and in the meantime, the Instagram page that pays attention to both the content and the appearance of its page can win.

The beauty of the appearance can include a good profile picture, the appropriate use of colors, the use of appropriate fonts, the use of templates for all contents, etc. These days, of course, the work has become very easy and you can use ready-made templates for the appearance of your page. These templates, which are in the form of a Photoshop file, can be edited and you can put your content in it.

Of course, if you want more than a ready-made template, you need to hire a graphic designer and ask him to design and publish your content based on this science.

Writing a complete and comprehensive biography

Writing a complete and comprehensive biography

When a person enters your page in any way, what is the first thing they will encounter? We know very well that it is a biography. A biography is like your business card, except that it is virtual in nature. It is in this section that you will introduce yourself to the audience and show your personality, your brand and your business. Biography always needs to be updated and replaced with new and better points.

Biography includes profile picture, username and description. You should do your best to convey this information clearly to the audience. It means that the profile picture should be of good quality, the user name should be short and meaningful, the description you enter should fully show who you are, what services you provide, etc. If you convert your account to a business account, you can include more information in your bio section.

Take enough time to write a good caption

Caption is the text you write below your post. Basically, captions are additional explanations that will make a post as complete as possible. In fact, captions can explain other aspects of your video or photo post to the audience that may not be so easy to understand.

Words are always powerful and can convey concepts to the audience that even video cannot. That’s why you need to find your own writing style. Doing this only happens by reading a lot of texts. After that, you should try to write attractive captions for each of your posts that will make the audience interested in you or make them do something like sharing the post with their friends.

Interacting with colleague and competitor pages

It may seem strange. But one of the solutions to increase visits is to interact with the pages of your colleagues. That is, like their content, leave comments, and so on. Doing this will make Instagram’s algorithms take a new look at you. By doing this, algorithms consider you among similar pages. As a result, when a person follows a page similar to yours, your page will be shown to him in the list of suggestions.

By doing this, the probability that more people will see you and view your posts will be much higher. This means that your visits will also increase.

Check page status and analysis

Another thing that can be done to increase Instagram traffic is to check your page. That is, take a look at the statistics. For example, which of the posts have been seen more by the users. Which of the posts received more likes? Which hours of the day and night have the most visits and…

It is better to design a table for yourself and put these statistics in it. Then take a general look at it and decide what the end result of this analysis is.

Attention to directs and comments

Attention to directs and comments

It may seem irrelevant, but paying attention to direct and comments is one of the things that can lead to an increase in the number of visits to your posts in the long run. but how? In fact, paying attention to directs and comments is a way to respect your audience and your followers as a whole. By doing this continuously, you will make your followers notice your sensitivity and they will consider your professionalism. The result is that they will view your posts more carefully and more likely to convert. That means they will introduce your page to their other friends and forward your posts. In this way, your content will be visited more and more.

Use attractive covers

Every day Instagram users come across hundreds of thousands of posts. All of these people, including you and me, scroll up and down the posts superficially because no one has enough time to view all the content. Therefore, having a suitable cover will draw the audience’s attention to your post and pause on it. The cover is the image that is shown before the video is played.

This image should create a sense of curiosity in the audience. The use of appropriate colors, readable and large fonts along with controversial headlines can be helpful in this regard. Of course, what is shown on the cover should not be different from the content of the post. Because in this case, the audience’s trust will be lost and it will definitely be very difficult to return this trust.


If you have enough budget and you don’t like to make a special effort to increase the number of visitors to your posts, advertising will be the best possible way for you. In fact, you will try to be seen more by paying influencers or micro-influencers. Because they will expose your posts to their followers, who have a large number, and this can lead to an increase in the number of visits to your posts.

But the main point here is that advertising generally costs a lot, and most pages, especially businesses that have just started, cannot afford such costs. For this reason, it is not a common way to increase the view.

Buy Vivi Instagram

Buy Vivi Instagram

Another easy way to increase views is to buy them. You try to increase this number on your page by buying views. But the main point here is that in addition to buying views, you also need to pay special attention to the type of content and try to provide good posts to your contacts. It is also necessary to buy Viv from reputable and well-known sites. The important point here is that buying a view is much cheaper than other methods.

final word

Having enough views is one of the most important reasons for success on Instagram. In addition to influencing Instagram contacts, this number can also prove to the algorithms of this social network that you deserve to enter sections such as Explorer. In this article, we tried to examine and research various aspects of increasing visits and to express the ways to do it.

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