How to go to Instagram Explorer? (Ways to enter Explorer)

How to go to Instagram Explorer? (Ways to enter Explorer)

You must be familiar with the most visited photo and video section, that is, the explorer. The Explore section is the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. Instagram users can see the most popular photos and videos in this section. Now the question is, how to enter Instagram Explorer?

Placing the post in this section; It is considered a special advantage. If your photo or video enters the explorer, you can get thousands of likes, views, comments or even followers.

If you are a business owner, then it is better to be known and seen. The Explore section helps a lot to be known and seen. Also, entering your post in this section will help to attract followers.

In this article from the Digi Follower site, we will explain to you how to increase the engagement rate of your page and how to enter your photos and videos in this section. You too can make a big change in your business by knowing these features.

What is Instagram Explorer?

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Instagram Explorer is a page that displays posts from different pages for you. These posts follow algorithms built in based on your activity. Instagram algorithms are not only dependent on your activity, but also the activity of your friends.

Why should we be seen on Instagram Explorer?

Many users use Instagram for their business. You have to create conditions to be seen in the explorer section. If your post enters Explorer, you will get more likes and comments and show users that you are active.

As a result, you can sell your product to more customers. You can get followers and likes for free and advertise your business by entering the Explore section.

A few simple tips to enter Instagram

  1. Knowing the audience

You don’t intend to sell a Samsunt bag to a baby? So, before selling your products, you should know to whom you are going to sell. You need to ask yourself how your business will help your audience and what your audience needs. Create audience personas for your business so that you can interact with your audience more easily.

  1. Listen to the audience

Care about your audience. If you know what kind of content users interact with the most, you can produce content tailored to your audience. To know more about the type of content, you can go to the page of your successful colleagues. By observing the following tips, you can get closer to being in this section.

  • Listen to the overall feel of the Explorer: What is the general theme of Explorer posts? What topics are popular with the audience? These are the points to keep in mind.
  • Using the Instagram search function: You can know the popular content of your area using this feature. Go to the search section on Instagram and note down the posts and contents that are popular with your audience.
  • Checking followers and followings: Check what content your followers have liked. In this way, you can see what kind of content the audience likes the most.

  1. Use of hashtags

Use of hashtags

Hashtags are known as the spice of social networks. Maybe normal Instagram users don’t use hashtags, but hashtags are very important for Instagram marketers and businesses. Using hashtags, you can save your content among the mass of content and prevent it from getting lost.

These hashtags are active 24/7 and any user who searches for them in the search field will be shown your content. Note that you should not hashtag anything; Use hashtags that are relevant to your business.

  1. Encourage the audience to interact

Do your best to increase audience engagement with your content and reach your target audience. Don’t forget that the more likes and comments you have, the more chances you have to enter Explorer.

After publishing your content, look for a way to increase your likes and comments. Specify the correct location in your stories. Registering your location increases your chances of being seen in your area. By following this, local users will also get to know your business.

  1. Don’t forget to tag

Maybe this technique is not suitable for every business, but it is effective. By tagging brands and famous people, you get more chances to get comments and likes and display posts in Explorer.

To implement this technique, you must pay attention to the following points:

  • Don’t overdo tagging.
  • Don’t always tag someone in your post.
  • Tag people who fit your profile.
  1. Get comments and likes

You can buy live and fake comments the moment you post the content. This technique has two benefits, which are:

  • According to Instagram’s algorithm, receiving a lot of likes and comments in a short period of time shows the popularity of your post and your chances of entering the explorer increase.
  • By buying 1000 likes, your post will be shown to 10 thousand people in Explorer.
  1. Get a high profile visit

This technique is considered one of the most important techniques. Note that with the change of the Instagram algorithm, the way to enter the explorer will also change. A user who enters your Instagram page may follow you at first, but in the new algorithm, for 7 to 12 days, your post will be placed in the explorer section again; This means another chance for more followers, likes and comments. You can attract the audience to your page with attractive and creative content.

One of the strategies that will help you get more visits to your profile is to avoid making stories when you publish a post.

It is better to leave a short descriptive story about your post so that the audience enters your page to see that post. Another way to get more visits to your profile is to leave professional and funny comments for your colleagues.


In this article from Digi follower site We have provided solutions for more user development and interaction with your page and business. As we said, one of these solutions is buying fake likes and comments. You can through Digi follower site take action Buy Instagram likes And make high-quality comments and improve your page by increasing likes and comments.

If you want to read the article “How to go to Instagram Explorer” offline, download the pdf.

Frequently asked questions about ways to enter Explorer

Where is Instagram Explorer?

Instagram explorer, which is marked with the icon of the armor between Instagram, which shows contents according to your taste.

Why is it important to see the post in Explorer?

Displaying the post in Instagram Explorer will make your post visible to more people and attract more followers organically.

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