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The most concern of screws is to increase followers and be known in social networks. Therefore, they use various methods to attract more followers. One of these methods is buying fake followers, which is done without an app.


Ways to increase fake followers without a program

Many people buy fake followers to attract more audience. Of course, fake followers that do not have the characteristics of a real account reduce the credibility of the page. Therefore, it is better to use methods that are in accordance with Instagram algorithms when increasing followers. Among the methods that can be used to get fake followers without a program are:

Following accounts that have a blue tick

You can attract more followers by following and unfollowing pages that have a blue tick. In this way, your page can be displayed in the suggestions section for the related page and their fans. Of course, this method, in addition to its benefits and increasing your followers, may lead to a 70% drop in followers. Because some people unfollow again after visiting the page.

Attract fake followers with software

Attract fake followers with software

Another way to increase followers is to use fake followers that are created with software. There are some famous software such as Insta Cafe software that help users to attract fake followers. Nowadays, many people use this method, but this method has disadvantages related to the slowness of the server. Of course, there is also the possibility of identifying this software by Instagram algorithms and refreshing the page.

Increase followers using I T00ls site

The site in question is a Turkish language site, but you can easily translate the text of the site using the Google Translate plugin. To use the services of this site and increase followers, you must first upload your content to the page and enter your page ID in the first section of the site, i.e. followers and number of likes.

Website address:

Using this method, a message will be sent to you that shows whether your method was successful or not, of course, this method has many disadvantages, one of which is that the page is updated by Instagram. You may also be subject to heavier fines if this happens multiple times.

What is the best way to attract followers?

Social networks such as Instagram are a suitable platform for activity today. Therefore, most online stores seek to attract more followers in order to make more profit. The role of increasing followers in more sales and higher profits cannot be ignored; Therefore, it is better to be familiar with the methods of getting followers on Instagram.

Many people prefer to buy fake followers instead of using real followers to increase the credibility of their page and attract more customers.

How to remove fake followers?

In general, the followers of a page are divided into real and fake. Those who are real, are among the followers of the page and have a username, profile picture, etc.; But fake or fake followers do not interact on the page and are added to the page by programs or robots.

Attention: Buying fake followers through the program may lead to account activation. Because these programs are usually bots and do not conform to Instagram’s algorithms. For this reason, it is better to go through reputable sites that have O symbol are, try to buy fake followers without program.

Buy a fake follower without an app from Followcamp

By using the method of buying fake followers on the Followcamp site, you do not need to install the program and you can easily increase the number of your followers. It is true that fake followers are not interactive on your page, but this method has more advantages than other methods. Because your followers all have real account features and can increase the credibility of your page with the audience.

Fake follower without program
Fake follower without program

These followers will be gradually added to your page, and you no longer need to worry about installing the program and the risks of increasing followers through robots. The activity of these followers is completely in accordance with the Instagram algorithms and they eliminate the possibility of the account being disabled.

Also, another important point is that you don’t need to provide a password to increase followers or any other service, so your account will be safe in every way.

final word

There are different methods that we can use to increase the number of Instagram page followers. In addition to these methods, such as producing quality content, interacting with audiences, targeted advertising, etc., buying fake followers can also be mentioned as one of the methods.

Of course, buying fake followers with a program and through a robot is not the right thing! because it is recognized by Instagram algorithms and your account will be suspended; Therefore, it is better to use better methods, such as buying fake followers without a program from Followcamp. In this way, the number of your followers will increase and you will gain more credit among users.

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