How to close Instagram direct with a new method

Direct blocking

As we all know Instagram is one of the leading social media services in the world. Thanks to its sophisticated user interface and aesthetic cues, millions of users regularly use this app and communicate with each other. This theme gives you the opportunity to share your creations or ideas with the whole Instagram community.

But unfortunately, not all Instagrammers are eager to socialize and some of them are regularly looking for ways to extract valuable information without connecting with followers or people who don’t follow them. If you are one of these people? We suggest you to block direct people who do not follow.

Of course, it should be noted that in addition to this, blocking direct from those who do not follow can range from scams such as Picture Picker, Sugar Daddy and Ugly Photos to challenges.

Avoid surviving like a blue whale. Remember that Instagram isn’t always the safest place to be, and interestingly, most scam challenges start via direct messages (DM). So, to protect yourself, you should look for

Be the main cause of the problem and avoid sending messages in general. In the following text, extensive explanations on blocking direct mail from those who do not follow are given for you.

Can you officially turn off Instagram Directs?

Instagram is one of the most customizable social networking sites in the world, but it still doesn’t give you an option to turn off DMs completely. By default, any user on Instagram can send you a direct message and you’ll be notified, but Many people claim that there is a solution to block direct from someone who doesn’t follow.

What are the solutions?

Fortunately, there are a few ways to limit the impact of direct messages. First, you need to determine who you want to receive messages from. Also, to close Insta Direct for followers and non-followers, you can easily do this from the settings of the Instagram app.

First solution: close messages

First go to Settings then Privacy… Now from here you can go to Messages and in the Message Controls page you can choose which folders or message requests to receive or not receive them at all.

Close messages

Close messages 2

Second solution: private profile

If you have a public profile, anyone on Instagram can message you, so we recommend making your profile private. Private profile holders, on the other hand, are not bombarded with messages from random users, and only followers are allowed to send them direct messages. This work actually means blocking the direct of those who do not follow.

To make your profile private:

First, tap the Instagram menu (the three dashes) in the top-right corner of your profile screen, go to Settings, then tap Privacy.

Set it to Private by toggling the “Public Account” option.

Third solution: Turn off notifications

That said, Instagram doesn’t let you turn off Direct altogether. However, you can choose to turn off notifications for both direct requests and messages. That way, you won’t get an annoying notification when a pesky person decides to message you. (Whether it is your follower or not)

To turn off message notifications, go to Settings or Notifications, tap Notifications.

Now open “Private messages and calls or Direct Messages”.

Now turn off “Message Requests” and “Messages” on this page.

Turn off notifications

Fourth solution: Reject messages

When someone you don’t follow sends you a direct message on Instagram, that message doesn’t go to your inbox and is added directly to your requested messages. That’s why when you go online, you can’t see the person who texted you. However, people you follow can go directly to your inbox and see when you’re online.

But when you receive a message in the Message Requests folder, you can accept or reject it. Because initially, as mentioned, the Instagram network will transfer the conversation to your inbox and you can reject it without reading the message.

To reject or allow a message on your iOS device, swipe left on the message and choose Accept or Delete. If you’re an Android user, press and hold a message and tap Delete or Accept.

Similarly, you can ignore all message prompts. Simply tap “Remove All” at the bottom of the screen.

How to disable direct messages for an intruder?

It’s true that Instagram doesn’t allow you to stop DMing completely, but you can still block some incredibly annoying or offensive people to prevent you from receiving messages. When someone is blocked, they can’t see you on Instagram, let alone message you.

To block someone through a conversation, just open the conversation, first tap the “i” icon. Click on “Block” user and confirm.

Likewise, you can report a conversation by tapping the “i” icon and hitting “Report…”, but you’ll need to specify why before sending it to Instagram for review.

How to disable direct messages for an intruder?

What if none of the options work for you?

If none of the options we mentioned here to close Instagram direct for followers and non-followers worked for you, you can simply delete Instagram and focus on other things.

Instagram does not allow you to delete your account from the application itself. Therefore, you must log in through a browser to delete. In the next step, go to “Delete your account page” and select the reason for this action. Finally, tap on “Permanently delete my account”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you disable Direct?

There are several reasons for disabling direct messages. If you are a celebrity or have an attractive profile, it is inevitable to receive different messages from strangers every day.

It is not clear why Instagram removed this feature because on other social networks you have to follow someone to be able to message you. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable Direct only for people who have unfollowed you.

It’s also unclear whether Instagram will add the ability to choose who you like to receive messages from in the future. We can safely say that this is a useful and needed feature!

What are the disadvantages of closing Instagram Direct?

As you know, Instagram is a powerful social network that is used by almost all people in the world. Closing direct links on personal pages may disrupt messaging with friends and acquaintances. If you want to close your Instagram direct because you are bothering other people, you can block that person from messaging you instead.

If you have a store page and earn money from your page. Locking your Instagram account is a big mistake for you. Because by doing this, you have practically removed the communication with your audience and you will not have any interaction with them through direct message.

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