How to be seen in Instagram Explorer?

How to be seen in Instagram Explorer?

The Instagram Explorer page can be a launching pad for your page. To get your published posts to the Explorer page, you have to go through Haft Khan Rostam; But be sure that it will be worth it, and with the help of this part of Instagram, you can travel a hundred years overnight, and in a short period of time, you will attract many followers to your page.

Instagram is a very attractive platform for introducing different businesses and brands, but due to the tough competition in this social network, the probability of being seen by people who are not familiar with Instagram algorithms is very low.

For this reason, in order to reach Explorer and go through thousands of pages that compete with you, you must know the rules and golden formulas of Instagram well and use them.

In this article from the Digi Follower site, we intend to provide you with information about Instagram Explorer and introduce the ways to get your posts to this page. We hope that you can provide more conditions for your page to be seen with the help of the tracking page or Instagram Explorer.

What is the explorer page on Instagram?

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If you are familiar with the Instagram application, you are also familiar with the Explore page. This page is a collection of posts, photos, videos, and different user accounts that help users discover their interests. Placing the posts of an Instagram page in Explorer can multiply the efficiency and growth of a page.

This section of Instagram gives different pages an equal opportunity to display their posts so that they can attract more contacts. It is possible that after seeing your post in explorer, someone will be interested in the content you share and follow your page based on the same post.

It is interesting to know that the explorer of different people is different from each other. The posts that are displayed to the user are based on the person’s interests and other contents and hashtags that he searches and views on Instagram. Also, the geographical area where you live and the cities that you searched on Instagram before also affect the results of this page.

All the posts displayed on this page are selected based on Instagram’s algorithms. For this reason, if you plan to see your posts in Explorer, you must be familiar with these algorithms and rules and follow them all. In the rest of this article, stay with us to explain the golden formulas for entering the explorer.

On what basis are Instagram Explorer posts selected?

You have probably been asked how Instagram can recognize our favorite topics? And how can you list posts in Explorer according to our interests and needs? Contrary to what many users think, the answer to these questions will be very simple.

Every activity you do on Instagram, from liking posts to following different pages, is completely monitored by the robots of this social network. By examining the interaction that each user has with different posts on Instagram, it is possible to find out the topics of interest of each person. This process is also done in your case, and based on this, videos and photos will be shown to you on the exploration page.

In general, to select posts in Instagram Explorer, each user pays attention to the following:

  • Videos and photos that each person has interacted with or liked and saved.
  • Posts that have a very high level of interaction.
  • Activity of pages that follow you.
  • The geographical area and city where you live.
  • The pages you have followed.

What posts are displayed in Explorer?

What posts are displayed in Explorer?

At first glance, placing a post in the Explore section of Instagram may seem very difficult and unattainable, but by checking the features of the posts that are displayed in this section, you can increase your chances of going to Explore.

If your content has these features, it will easily pass through Instagram’s filters and will be displayed on the Explorer page.

As we mentioned, each user’s explorer posts are selected based on the interests and tastes of each person, but all these posts have common features that knowing them can help you to go to the explorer. These features are the following:

  • The content of Explorer posts is selected based on the previous choices of each user.
  • Posts that are very attractive and get high engagement by engaging a large number of users.
  • Explorer posts are selected based on the pages that each user has followed.

All social networks, including Instagram, have algorithms and robots that monitor and check the behavior of each user. In this way, it will be possible to identify posts that may be of more interest to each user.

In this way, by knowing the algorithms, you can find the attention of targeted audiences for your page and content.

Practical tricks for entering posts into the explorer

As the content production team of Digi Follower, we intend to teach you a number of practical methods for entering posts into the explorer. Observing the things we mentioned below can significantly increase the speed of your page growth.

It should also be noted that using the services of buying Instagram followers and likes from the Digi Follower site can increase the chances of your posts being placed on Instagram Explorer.

  1. Identifying targeted audiences: Posting to Explorer becomes possible when you can identify your audience well and share targeted posts to attract their attention.
  2. Examining competitors and similar pages: by checking the performance of pages whose posts are placed in the explorer and using their methods, increase your chances of going to the explorer.
  3. Don’t underestimate hashtags: choosing the right hashtag for each post can be very beneficial for attracting targeted followers. For this reason, it is better to take the use of appropriate hashtags seriously.
  4. New features of Instagram: usually features that are newly added to Instagram provide more chances to be seen due to less competition.
  5. Interaction with followers and contacts: Try to interact with your contacts in the comments and direct messages section.
  6. Production of quality content: The higher the quality of the content you publish and the more focused it is to be more practical, the more contacts will like your post, and this matter is important for increasing interaction and your chances of going to explore.
  7. The initial hours of sharing posts are more important: the more interactions a post has in more hours, the more likely it is to go to explore. For this purpose, you can use the like and comment services of the Digi Follower site.
  8. Time to share posts: It is better to choose hours to publish your posts that are more productive in order to get the most interaction possible.
  9. Appropriate location: It is better to use attractive and popular locations in your posts.
  10. Story your posts: by sharing posts in the story section, you will be able to reach more interactions in the early hours.


Activity on Instagram can be a suitable platform for the growth of all businesses. If you also intend to increase your income and the amount of sales of your products. Of course, for this purpose, you must be able to reach more people, which can only be achieved with the help of Instagram Explorer.

High engagement of the posts you share, especially in the early hours after you publish a post, is one of the most effective ways to get posts to explore.

One of the easiest ways to have more interactions is to use the service of buying likes and comments.Purchase of Explorer services The Digi Follower site is a good option for you if you are looking for quick results on Instagram.

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