How much do YouTubers earn? The most famous YouTubers of Persian YouTube

In addition to being a place to spend free time, social networks can also become a place to earn money. Today, in this article, we are going to talk about the income of YouTubers.

Important topics in this article:

which can be obtained from the virtual space, especially the YouTube platform, and we also introduce examples of people who have been able to earn good income from this platform.

As many people also use this feature of different platforms. Keep in mind that each platform has its own way of making money

which is specific to that platform, for example on Instagram you can advertise for people by attracting users through the content produced and in this way earn money from Instagram.

  • How much do YouTubers earn?  The most famous YouTubers of Persian YouTube

In some platforms, in addition to advertising, you can also earn money through watch time. The income of each user is determined according to the number of followers, channel interactions and other channel features and can be different from other users.

Who are the most famous Persian YouTubers and how much is their monthly income?

In this episode, we will get to know some of the most famous Iranian YouTubers who are active in different fields, and we will talk about the income that their channel can earn.

Aria Keuxer: Aria Keoxer is one of the first Iranian YouTubers who works in the field of gaming. This young YouTuber has more than 400k subscribers and according to the number of views and followers he has, his income can be estimated at $68,000 per month.

Potak: With 700k followers, Potek is a well-known rapper, especially for the new generation. With an income of 100,000 dollars per month, Potek is considered one of the top earners on YouTube.

Who are the most famous Persian YouTubers?

Mia please: Mia also has 400k followers on her YouTube channel and earns $22,000 per month.

Serena Amini: Serena is a successful comedian who lives inside Iran and her YouTube channel has about 200k followers. Serena earns about 17,000 dollars a month with this number of followers and visits.

How much is the monthly income of YouTubers?

Of course, the figures are calculated and stated On the site to buy Instagram followers All are approximate and may vary slightly from time to time.

You can see that by being active and gathering people in virtual space as followers beside you, in addition to being able to focus on your favorite work and subject, you can also benefit from a decent income.

You can see and analyze the pages of each person who has been introduced in YouTube search and their channel. Of course, the introduced people are not the only people who are active on YouTube;

Persian YouTube has made a lot of progress in recent years and many people have started working.


The YouTube platform has so many diverse and complete educational videos that many have put the name of the university on it, and it is definitely the right name;

You can watch all kinds of cooking training, car repair, gardening to the most complex university training such as mathematics, quantum and all specialized courses that can only be found in the top universities of the world through YouTube.

What should be done in order for a channel to reach income or so-called monetization?

If you are eager to start a YouTube page and want to learn how to make money from it, this part of the article in Instagram follower buying site written for you;

In order for a channel to be able to earn, it must have reached 1000 initial subscribers or 4000 hours of watch time.

In this case, the person will receive an email from Google stating that the channel has been monetized, and by opening a bank account, the person’s share of the advertisements made on the YouTube channel will be deposited into his bank account. It should be noted that these accounts are currency and people’s income on YouTube will be in dollars.

What should be done in order for a channel to earn or monetize?

YouTube is actually one of the advertising services for Google, and for every thousand views a video receives, it is paid from 3 to 18 dollars; This number can vary because it depends on things like the country of the ad visitor, the type of content, etc.

Can any content that is shared on YouTube be monetized?

Of course not, YouTube only pays for specific content that is completely unique and that you or your team has created.

The content that is uploaded in the YouTube space must follow certain conditions and rules in order for that video to receive advertisements and thus money.

One of the strict rules that exist in YouTube and all YouTubers must follow it is the copyright law, which means that you do not have the right to use other people’s works in your work, although in some cases only a small part can be used. taken from the video,

For example, reaction videos to music videos or quoting some videos in news content are of this type and it is completely allowed.

If you have been able to produce content yourself and follow all the rules of YouTube, you can put it on your channel and after a while, when your views reach the quorum, your channel will be monetized by Google.

What is a fan page? Can it be monetized?

Fan Pages Pages are channels on YouTube that people who are fans of celebrities start these pages on YouTube and they can attract followers by changing the content produced by these people or by making videos about these celebrities. Monetize their channel.

In the end, you can direct Buy YouTube watch time Visit the website to buy Instagram followers.

Frequently asked questions about the income of YouTubers

How many videos can I earn?

What is important in the monetization of a page is the number of views and subscribers, and these characteristics can be obtained with any number of videos, depending on how many views and subscribers these videos get.

Can bank sanctions be an obstacle to transferring money to YouTubers’ bank accounts?

No, there is no need to worry, and many of the YouTubers you know in the virtual world are now living in Iran, and Iranian companies do the banking work of these channels.

Making a YouTube channel is better related to what topic?

On YouTube, people with different skills and different subjects work, from clips and fans to teaching various things such as cooking, school and university lessons, etc. and you can choose the subject that you have the most talent for. Select and click Start.

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