How much do bloggers earn? Detailed income statistics of Instagram bloggers in Iran

How much do bloggers earn?  Detailed income statistics of Instagram bloggers in Iran

Today, the Instagram program has become the king of all virtual programs on the Basiri platform. This program has the largest audience in the age group of 18 to 30 years. But how do we reach billions of revenue among millions of virtual users?

With a short look at this program, we realize the high income of bloggers. Bloggers are people on Instagram who work in a specific field. These pages have a good relationship with people and have an immediate impact on people.

Every blogger has a goal and they start their activity with education, content production about a field such as cooking, different industries, etc. Is. Then, after gaining a large number of followers, they start advertising. In fact, the main way bloggers earn is “advertisements”.

Surely, seeing these people on Instagram, your mind is also involved and you are thinking of making easy money from them. If you are thinking about the income of famous Iranian bloggers or if you want to know who is the most expensive advertisement? Continue the article.

Who is the blogger?

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First of all, you should know exactly what blogger is or what it means to think about their income. Blogger means blogger. It means someone who writes a blog, but today the main meaning of this word is said to people who have gained fame and fame in their profession.

These people are so popular that if they introduce a product or company, the followers immediately support it and start buying. A blogger is someone who is a role model for a large number of people and plays a special role in their lives.

What does blogger do?

If you look at the highest paid jobs in the world, you will definitely find blogging in the list. One of the main reasons for the popularity of blogging is the “virtual nature” of this profession. By reading and seeing bloggers, you will surely think that this profession is easy; But it is not.

The most important part of blogging is the topic of the page. A successful blogger must work in the field of his interest and skill, otherwise he will not be able to produce content for several years in a row and be successful. Each field on Instagram has its own activity and the income of bloggers in each field is different from each other.

The most important common feature of all bloggers.Buy Instagram followers from Digi Follower site” Is. In this way, they can easily gain the trust of other followers to follow, and the number of advertising offers increases.

Bloggers are the interface between brands and people. The most important way of making money for bloggers is through advertising. There are other ways to generate income for bloggers, which we will discuss below.

Income of Instagram bloggers

Many people wonder how much Instagram bloggers earn. Our recent study shows that the income of Instagram bloggers has increased significantly even in the last year.

They want to advertise on these people to gain a significant presence in the popular Instagram community. Sometimes they even want to partner with an Instagram blogger to leverage their followers’ engagement with the brand.

If you have a large audience on Instagram, you can also become a paid blogger. If you’re wondering how much Instagram bloggers make, you need to look at different metrics and put them all together.

For example:

  • What kind of influencer is he? (macro blogger, micro blogger or nano blogger)
  • How many times does blogger advertise per week?
  • Are these ads mostly done in Instagram stories or posts, and what methods of content production (photos, videos, etc.) do they use?
  • What is the price of each ad on his page?
  • Instagram account engagement rate of bloggers

As you can see, the last factor is the level of engagement on the platform. If engagement is high, it’s easy to see why brands are willing to pay for ads on their page. When a post receives enough likes and comments, it may earn the right to appear on supplemental feed exploration pages for a certain amount of time.

Bloggers offer a separate and different tariff according to the advertisements in the story or post. The cost of each story is also different from another story. This cost is considered separately from the cost of filming, face display, type of dialect and speaking, and finally, according to the time, amount of effort, etc., an amount will be determined as the cost of that advertising post or story.

Some people try to have a certain number of ads per week and don’t post more than that, but others accept all offers regardless of the number of ads and generate total income. Therefore, not all Instagram bloggers earn the same even with the same number of followers.

Types of bloggers

Types of bloggers

If we want to know “how much Instagram bloggers earn” or the average salary of bloggers, we must first see what kind of bloggers we are talking about.

  • Mega bloggers have 1 million followers or more. It often includes famous people such as singers, footballers, TV and movie actors. Of course, some people have achieved great fame and popularity only in virtual networks. They have the highest paid Instagram bloggers.
  • Macro bloggers have 100,000 to 1 million followers. These types of Instagram freelancers are often sought out for recommendations, and their passion, experience, and credibility make their recommendations more credible and influential.
  • Micro influencers have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. Microbloggers often work with startups and smaller brands. Micro bloggers cost less than macro bloggers, but many followers still trust them because of their greater focus on expertise and high audience engagement.
  • Nano bloggers have 10,000 followers or less. Usually bloggers in this category are useful only in their geographical area. That is why they are also called local bloggers. Compared to other bloggers, working with these people will not bring you the desired results. But the positive point of these people is their very close relationship with each of their followers.

Bloggers’ income generating methods

Blogger earnings vary from company to company, so it’s important to know this beforehand. Bloggers’ income varies depending on the amount of their followers; It starts from 300 thousand tomans for each story and reaches up to 100 million tomans for each story.

Here are some of the most common ways bloggers make money:

  1. One of the ways they earn money is through revenue sharing, which means that every time one of their posts is liked or shared by one of their followers, they receive a portion of the hub’s revenue.
  2. Another way is to charge a company or agency a flat fee for distributing their content across multiple platforms.
  3. The third method that some Instagram bloggers use to increase visibility and start making money is to sell ads on their pages. For example, brands send their products to bloggers for introduction, and they get high income by using and introducing these products.
  4. Instagram bloggers can see a steady flow of money month after month if they produce quality content that engages readers, offers tips and tricks, and provides insightful thoughts (teaching tricks).
  5. Others offer pay-per-click (like or mention each other) ads

Who is the most expensive advertisement for?

Usually, the pages that have more than three million followers have the most expensive Instagram ads. For example, in the field of comedy “Serena Amin”, in the field of beauty and beauty “Sadaf Beauty” and in the field of cooking “Nawab Ebrahimzadeh” are considered among the most expensive influencers and earn a lot of income this way. The reason for this is the high number of visits by these people.

Is advertising with a very high amount, proportional to the tariff, effective?

Usually no. Bloggers who have more than 1 million followers offer high advertising rates and you have to spend a lot of time in the advertising queue. In this sense, advertising with these types of pages is not useful for you.

If you want to get high returns, we recommend you to offer ads to bloggers who have less than 300 thousand followers. For this method, advertise to several bloggers to increase your work efficiency.


Despite the high income of influencers, most people have become bloggers. But remember that becoming a blogger also has its costs and you have to make a continuous effort to reach the number of followers. Most of the influencers have a common feature “buying Instagram followers from Digi Follower brand”.

Instagram bloggers can advertise creatively in various ways including videos, photos, selfie stories, banner stories, and more. Some have even started making money through podcasts and IGTV series. Therefore, you can also advertise using a variety of content forms.

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