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Earn money from Instagram, has been one of the new methods that many people seek to learn. The income that people earn in this way may tempt anyone to enter this field. But how many followers do we really need to earn millions from Instagram?


Why is it important to have followers to make money from Instagram?

A follower who purposefully follows your page is actually not just an ordinary follower! Rather, it is a source of income that you should keep for yourself. If the page manager can gain the trust of this group of followers, he has taken the first step to earn money. Now, the more people you have, naturally you will earn more and more money every day.

On the other hand, a high number of followers is very important for the category of people who work as influencers on Instagram. Certainly, as you have seen many times, most bloggers or influencers earn their main income from Instagram ads. Now, the more the number of their audience, the higher the chance of getting advertisements.

Earn money from Instagram

According to these things, the main condition for generating income from Instagram is to have a high number of followers.

There are many ways to get followers on Instagram. Many of these ways have been tested and have brought a very good response. You can choose one of these methods and in the shortest time, direct the number of real Iranian followers to your page and expand your business. You can get help from Followcamp experts in this field.

Investigating the potential of making money from Instagram

You may have wondered how much people can earn through Instagram. Keep in mind that the potential to generate income from Instagram depends on various factors. Among these, one of the most important parameters is the quality of posts, how to interact with the audience, and the number of followers.

Usually, those who are active in the form of influencers on Instagram, often experience a very high level of income. Of course, keep in mind that the amount of income of these people depends on what contracts they sign and what advertisements they do.

Influencers on Instagram

Influencers who have just started their activity on Instagram are not very famous and need advertising to introduce themselves to others. They usually accept advertising at a much lower cost than other influencers in order to increase their number of followers.

As the number of followers of this group of people increases, their advertising rates will also be different. So the cost of advertising varies depending on the number of page followers and also its views. So you should look for followers who, in addition to being real, also have a good yield for your page.

For example, if you have a page with the theme of selling women’s clothes, then male followers cannot be a suitable option for you; Because out of every 10 people, maybe one of them is a customer. Therefore, it is better to target your ads in order to attract followers. This way you can expand your business and succeed.

Earn money from Instagram

How many followers do we need to make money from Instagram?

Just as in the real world, when we plan to start a business, making money from it depends on various factors, Instagram is also the same.

At the beginning of signing a contract and searching for a page to advertise, business owners pay attention to the number of audience of page influencers. If the influencer can communicate well with a good audience, engage them with his posts and finally encourage them to buy from your store, he has succeeded in doing his job properly.

This group of people is introduced as the best choice for advertising and they also receive a lot of income from Instagram. Therefore, it can be said that The only component of making money from Instagram is not the number of followers. But actually Your interaction with the audience. Even if you have a small number of followers, but if you communicate with your audience properly, you will earn money.

Instagram engagement rate

If you plan to do your advertising through a blogger or influencer, it is better to check the following items on Pageway; Without asking him directly J:

  • Check the number of comments on his posts. If he responds well to comments and has a high number, then the engagement has been done well so far.
  • Check the number of likes on this person’s post. In general, likes are less than followers; But if this number is very different from the number of followers, the interaction on this person’s page is low. For example, an influencer who has 100,000 followers should have at least 30,000 to 40,000 basic likes and 60,000 to 70,000 maximum likes.
  • Check the number of views of posted videos. This will help you understand how much this person’s audience cares about his posts.

If you have checked all these things, if you plan to promote your business through stories, ask him to send you the number of views of his stories.

Earn money from Instagram

In the end, if you, as a business owner, are planning to open an online store, the following things, along with the number of followers, will affect your profitability and earning from Instagram:

  1. How much do users listen to you?
  2. How interested is your audience in your business?
  3. How influential are you on your followers?
  4. How much does the audience need your products or services?

How many followers do you need to enter the monetization stage?

There is no special rule for the number of followers to earn money from Instagram.

This means you can even with a low number of followers Earn money from Instagram arrive In general, there is an undeniable truth in the business world that you should attract people who are interested in your product, not just anyone. Now this number of people may be only 5 in the whole world! But the same five people will bring great profit and earning for you.

Therefore, you can achieve sufficient income and great profitability even with a small number of followers, if the audience is interested in you, not just following you out of compulsion. To achieve this goal, you need to spend time with your users.

You should try to provide them with entertaining posts so that they can respond positively to you. When the follower connects with you emotionally, it means that whenever you invite them to buy a product, almost 80% of them will give you a positive response.

So, the more people like you, the higher the conversion rate.

Different companies enter Instagram for only one reason; That is to sell their products. They are actually looking for influencers who are good at advertising and communicating with their audience. So the number of followers to earn money is different from the ability of the blogger or influencer to provide your ads.

Instagram store

Many owners of Instagram pages, despite the fact that they have a high number of followers, but rarely can communicate with customers. This issue causes their business as well as their advertisements to face stagnation. On the contrary, many bloggers or influencers with low number of followers can work in this field and do your advertising with high efficiency.

The importance of buying Iranian followers in earning money from Instagram

It is important to buy Iranian followers to earn money from Instagram. If the Iranian follower is real, not a fake, it can bring you the following features:

  • Gradual increase in page views
  • Gradual increase of page feedback
  • Earn more money
  • Better efficiency
  • Increasing page interaction rate
Buying Iranian followers from a reliable site

The next thing to pay attention to is buying Iranian followers from a reputable site. If your follower is purchased from a reputable site, it will be in accordance with Instagram’s algorithms and your account will be prevented from being updated.

The important thing is that in order to get good visits to your page and sell your products, you need 100% Iranian followers. You can also use foreign followers on your Instagram page if you have international products. Of course, keep in mind that foreign followers also need to produce content in their own language.

On the other hand, you also need to advertise and interact with foreign influencers. So if your page is international, then to some extent your work will be in trouble. On the other hand, an Iranian follower who is sold through a reputable site, initially has a 50% chance of becoming a customer, and then with more interactions, this chance even increases to 100%.

Of course, when you buy Iranian followers for yourself, be sure to look for a method of advertising that is completely compatible with your page. For example, if you have skin care products, it’s better to have your ads done by an influencer or a page that has more female followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is making money related to the number of followers on Instagram?
    In fact, earning money has nothing to do with the number of followers on Instagram, and interactions on the page are important.
  • Why should we buy 100% Iranian followers?
    It is important that your followers are real and 100% Iranian, because it increases the rate of visits and customers of your page and also prevents the page from being banned.

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