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SEO is very important to be seen more on Instagram. Have you ever heard of Instagram SEO? If you have not heard this word before, or you have little information about it, do not miss this article, because we will tell you the most important factors of being seen on Instagram.


What is Instagram SEO?

You may have heard about SEO on Google. Social networks like Instagram also need SEO. Now what is Instagram SEO? Instagram SEO means optimizing the content on Instagram so that it appears in search results.

In fact, when you follow SEO techniques on Instagram, both your posts are displayed to more users in Instagram Explorer, and when users search for your keywords in the Instagram search section, you are one of the first You will be the results that appear.

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Instagram SEO Principlesم

To SEO your Instagram page and optimize your content, you need to know the basics of SEO on Instagram and be fully acquainted with the rules and algorithms of Instagram. Here are some Instagram SEO tips that can help make your page more visible.

  1. Username optimization
    Your username must have several attributes.
    First, be short.
    Secondly, if possible, it should contain the keyword of your brand
    The third is as new and special as possible.
    All this makes it much easier for users to remember your username and as a result visit your page more. This can help you to be seen and sold more.
    Instagram username
  2. Follow the principles of bio writing
    Instead of writing poetry and literary sentences on your bio Instagram, it is better to give a brief description of your business and activities. In addition to your profile, you can also put your communication channels in your bio Instagram section.

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  1. Linking in bio
    If you have a site, be sure to put the link in your bio Instagram. Doing so is a two-way exchange that directs your Instagram audience to the site and your site audience to Instagram, increasing traffic and traffic in both places.
  2. Select a location
    Specifying the location of your business in the Instagram profile section, firstly, shows your credibility and authenticity, and secondly, people who want to work with you, without having to ask you, the basic information of your business Have at their disposal.
    Instagram location
  3. Optimal design of posts and stories
    Optimal design of posts and stories issues such as image quality, proper editing, coloring of your brand logo and colors, recording alternative text (Alt) for post images, captions as short and simple as possible, insert space Between the caption lines is a cover image for videos and.. These are the basics that every business on Instagram should follow.
  4. Use hashtags wisely
    In addition to buying Instagram followers, hashtags play an effective role in attracting and increasing followers on Instagram. We all know the importance of hashtags. But two of the most common mistakes people make when hashtagging are overuse of hashtags. It is true that Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post.
    But it is better for you to be satisfied with 10-15 hashtags so that your post face is not spoiled and all hashtags have a greater impact.
    The second common mistake is that people use every hashtag they come across in their posts. While it is better that all the hashtags you use are relevant to the topic of your post and page and only 3-4 hashtags are unrelated and based on the topics of the day.

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  1. The importance of a content calendar
    Order is one of the most important issues in any business. If you are organized in producing your Instagram content, you can better manage your page. Having a content calendar will help you increase your order. Having a content calendar not only saves you from confusion and clutter, but also regular and timely publication of content keeps your audience more satisfied.
Instagram SEO app

Instagram SEO app

You can get help from some programs and tools to SEO your Instagram page. We are going to introduce 3 of these tools to you.

  1. Instagram Insight
    The most accessible and simple tool that you can use to SEO and optimize your content is Instagram Insight. By entering your profile and touching the three lines at the top right of the screen, you can see Get Insights among the options.
    Find information on Instagram, such as the age range of the audience, their nationality and where they live, the hours they use Instagram, and more.
    This way you can find out what kind of content is more appropriate for your audience, depending on the type of audience, and when it is best to publish that content.
  2. Awario
    As mentioned earlier, using the right hashtags is one of the most important principles of Instagram SEO. Avario tool collects and analyzes your keywords and their combinations and uses your competitors’ page in this way. It then suggests the most appropriate hashtags to use on your page.
  3. Instafy
    By reviewing your page and your content, Instagram software tells you which types of content have been most welcomed by the audience and have been more successful. In this way, you can find out which side your audience’s taste is more inclined and take into account the audience’s opinion and taste in producing your content.

How to put an Instagram page in Google search

To get your Instagram page appearing in Google results when people search for your brand or company name on Google, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Make your account public
    First of all, if your page is private, it is better to put it in public mode so that search engines can check it.
  2. Put your Instagram account in Profile Schema
    Go to and introduce your social media accounts to Google. If you have already used the knowledge graph for your brand, your accounts on social networks (such as Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.) will be active.
    Instagram on Google
  3. Put the right keyword in your Instagram name
    Put the keyword that you want to appear in the Google search results and also the keyword that is suitable for your business, in the Name section of your Instagram page.
  4. Use keywords in Bio
    Put the keyword you put in your profile name in your bio Instagram as well. Of course, you can also add other keywords in this section.
  5. Use keyword in post captions
    Include the keywords you used in the name and bio of Instagram in the captions of your posts. You can put these words in the caption text or as a hashtag at the end of the text.
  6. Link to your Instagram posts
    You can link directly to your Instagram posts on your site or other blogs and use keywords alongside those links.
Link site content to Instagram pitch
Link site content to Instagram page

By following the steps above, it may still take some time for your page to appear in Google search results. However, be patient and follow the tips we said.

The last word

In this article, we talked about Instagram SEO and important points related to content optimization in this social network. If this article was useful to you, send it to friends who are looking to be seen on Instagram.

Ask us your questions about Instagram SEO in the comments section. Our experts will answer you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Instagram SEO?
    Instagram SEO means optimizing the content on Instagram so that it appears in your page and posts in Instagram search results.
  • What are the principles of content optimization on Instagram?
    Optimize the username, use the keyword in the bio page, put the site link in the profile, put the location in the profile

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