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YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine, currently has more than 2.5 billion active users. Every day around the world, YouTube users watch more than a billion minutes of video; Of this amount, a large share of views is made by searching YouTube to see a video with a specific topic. Hashtag in YouTube is considered as the main search method. Stay with us to explain the tricks of hashtagging on YouTube. You can also access services such as purchasing subscriptions from Followcamp.


How to put a hashtag on YouTube?

Maybe you have a question, what is a hashtag and how can you create a hashtag??

Hashtag or tag is the most accessible and convenient method of linking for content producers and also the best way to reach the desired topic for users. Just use # before the desired word.

The thing about hashtagging is that you should not use spaces, semi-spaces, dots and other punctuation marks. In Farsi language, because the combination of words makes the sentence illegible, only underline can be used. The optimal use of hashtags makes the video appear in the playlist of videos of both its style and content, and by this means, YouTube suggests watching it to a large number of people; As a result, the growth of the YouTube channel will be very impressive with the use of optimal hashtags.

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YouTube hashtag

In YouTube, the desired hashtags must be entered in Title and Video Description. Only one hashtag can be entered in the title and this hashtag will be displayed next to the title. The hashtag entered in the video description can be a maximum of 15 items, three of which are placed above the video title and have an important contribution to the video’s viewing.

Types of hashtags

In principle, the choice of the word hashtag should be chosen with analysis and precision. You have two ways to choose a hashtag word.

1. Choosing a public hashtag

For example, if you have prepared a video of how to prepare Korma Sabzi, the general hashtag of your video is #cooking or #cooking_recipe. The advantage of this type of hashtag is that your video will be displayed in a wider range of searches.

2. Dedicated hashtag

A dedicated hashtag means that the user will only reach your channel’s videos by searching for it. The advantage of this type of hashtagging is branding and development of your channel name or name. We said that two categories of hashtags are particularly important; 1. Hashtag that comes next to the title and 2. Hashtags that appear above the title. These hashtags are better than the brand name or your own name; And this is the exclusive hashtag.
Dedicated hashtag

The principles of hashtagging on YouTube

The purposeful selection of hashtags on YouTube requires compliance with YouTube’s hashtagging rules and also compliance with unwritten empirical key points. Failure to comply with YouTube’s hashtagging rules will result in the video not being approved by YouTube or removing the video, and failure to comply with the key experimental points will cause the hashtagging to not give the results and effects you expect. So pay attention to the following as much as you can:

  • In the title and the first three hashtags of the video description, put your own hashtags and a general hashtag with a keyword.
    Our emphasis on the use of specific hashtags in this case is because these two places attract more attention to the viewer, and if the viewer is interested in this hashtag and clicks on it, they will leave your video in any order; But by clicking a specific hashtag, it will make him return to your own channel and finally see another of your videos.
  • Choose relevant hashtags. If you don’t use related tags, YouTube will gradually notice that the hashtag is not related to your video, and in this case you will be penalized.

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Related hashtags

It is not recommended to register more than 15 hashtags in the video description. So save on using labels.

Register hashtags in order of priority. It is better that the first public hashtag contains a keyword.

Hashtags with offensive words, threats, vulgar words and phrases with sexual topics are prohibited and will cause YouTube to deal with them.

It is better not to choose a long hashtag. Hashtags should be between 2 and 3 words.

Use YouTube’s own search or YouTube tools to select public hashtags. In this way, enter the desired hashtag in the search field; If YouTube recognized it and brought it in the suggested section, it means you made the right choice, but if it is a new hashtag that no one has used before, avoid using it.

To choose the right public hashtag, you can also use the hashtags of the same content and popular videos.
Hashtag of the most viewed videos

How to find popular YouTube hashtags?

Well, so far we have talked about the importance of hashtagging and choosing carefully. Here we introduce ways to find the most popular YouTube hashtags.

1. Using YouTube search

We have fully explained about this possibility in the above title.

2. site

Enter this site in Google search and enter the video keyword in the search field. After that, a list of the most visited hashtags in your field of activity in the last 12 months will be displayed to you; You can choose your suitable hashtags according to their priority and number of clicks.

3. YTube tool

This tool helps to extract all the basic tags of your competitor. You only need to enter the URL of one of the videos.

4. VidIQ tool

This tool shows a list of famous YouTube hashtags, number of clicks, search volume, competition score and other basic information of hashtags by just entering the keyword.

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VidIQ tool

Famous YouTube hashtags

To find the top YouTube hashtags, you can use the methods mentioned above. Another way to find targeted YouTube hashtags is to use ready-made YouTube hashtags. With a simple search on Google, you can find a list of ready-made YouTube hashtags that will give you an idea to create your own suitable hashtag.

The result of the content

In this article, we talked about the complete and comprehensive explanation of hashtags, their use and hashtagging tricks on YouTube. If you intend to compete in the YouTube environment, you should not neglect the effect of hashtags. Hashtags are used both for content branding and video views. Since the capacity of effective hashtags is low, you should never use hashtags without a purpose and without a plan; As a result, for your convenience, we have introduced some tools to find popular and top hashtags.

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