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Today, the position of social networks has gained such a high value in people’s lives that almost the lives of many people depend on its existence or non-existence. From jobs to communication, everything depends on the presence of these social networks. As you know, there are not many social networks on the Internet and their number is increasing every day, but which social networks are the most used?

In this article, we tried to introduce you to the most important social networks and to some extent introduce you to their usage and platform.


The most important social networks in the world

If you are also one of the fans of social networks and you spend most of your time in these social networks every day, it is not a bad idea to accompany us in this article to get to know the best and most popular social networks in Iran and the world.

In the beginning, it is not a bad thing to get acquainted with the most popular and popular social networks in the world, then we will go to the review of the best social networks in Iran; Stay with us.

Facebook is the first and still powerful

Undoubtedly, the most popular social network in the world is Facebook, which entered the global Internet in 2004. From the very beginning, Facebook was popular with the public and many people flocked to this social network when it was first introduced to the market.

For the first time, this program opened the feet of users from chat rooms to a single and different program and became the forerunner of the world’s successful social networks.


The number of monthly active users of this social network, which is about 2.4 billion people, shows well that this social network is still the most popular network among its peers.

Of course, this good luck of the public continues, it has also brought high financial profit to its investors, so that the net capital of this company is about 8 billion dollars.


You must have heard time and time again that successful people in various fields have admitted that they started their work as self-taught and have gradually achieved global success. YouTube is one of the platforms that you can use to start teaching yourself.

YouTube is a source of many educational and entertainment videos that are available in different forms and with high diversity. This high variety allows you to choose your teacher with an open hand and among a multitude of teachers.

This is the reason why this social network, YouTube, has become famous as a mobile university that is at your disposal at any moment and you can get help from it at any time and in any place in order to learn different things.

This has made YouTube to attract different users from all over the world with every nationality and language, so that the number of users of this social network increases daily.

This social network, which started its work in 2005, is the first step in the field of this model of social networks, so that there is still no competitor for YouTube.

The share of managers and capitalists of this company is about 19.8 billion dollars, which of course is a very significant amount.

The importance of YouTube as a media has encouraged the activists of this social network to subscribe and buy YouTube watch time.


As for us Iranians, WhatsApp is considered one of the most important mass communication networks, in other parts of the world this social network is considered one of the most popular social networks.

Before WhatsApp, this model of social networks can be found in abundance on the Internet, but the success of this program was special, which made it not short-lived like other networks, and from 2009 until today, it is considered one of the most popular social networks and ranks third. global social networks.


WhatsApp, which has almost 2 billion monthly active users, is the most important communication bridge between people and their loved ones around the world. One of the most important features of this application is to send bulk WhatsApp messages.

The annual income of this social enterprise is about 5 billion dollars, which means a great fortune for its capitalists.


Instagram, which has become a staple of mobile phones these days, is considered one of the most popular social networks in Iran, and is known as one of the most used social networks. These days, the world of fashion revolves around Instagram ads! So that the value of the most famous global bloggers and influencers depends on the amount of their Instagram followers!

Usually, the most important news of actors and celebrities are first published through Instagram! And this in itself shows the utility of this global social network.

Instagram, which started its activity in 2010, as expected, has met with the public’s favor since the same year, so that the number of people on it is still increasing day by day.


The annual income of this social network, while it is the source of income for many people, is calculated to be around 6.8 billion. Many store websites in the world have introduced Instagram as their serious fan; For this reason, buying Instagram followers, buying Instagram likes, buying custom comments, and generally buying Instagram explorer is very justified.


Perhaps Tik Tok can be mentioned as the miracle of recent years of social networks; It was the first global social program that focused on music and intended to entertain users and help to hear forgotten music and music that was less popular with the public.

The success of Tik Tok has reached the point where these days global trending music is becoming famous on this social network.

This global social network, which is very popular among younger people, although it started its activity recently and since 2016, its annual income is estimated to be something close to 35 billion dollars, and this means public happiness itself!


Apart from being known only as a source of photo filters for us Iranians, Snapchat is a successful global social network that many people around the world are connected to through it. Of course, the protest of many actors and famous people in the world against this program and its filters has made the popularity of this program less and less these days.


The objections to this program are based on the fact that it ignores true beauty and has changed the standards of beauty to false ones with its extreme filters.


Tumblr is another social network that is available to users as a place to share their ideas and views.


Reddit is less known to us Iranian users, but I must say that the number of its users is about 330 million people. This social network, which is a user-centered social network, is better known as an available bulletin board, where news and web handouts and other user-generated content are placed.


Pinterest, the colorful world of art and photography lovers, is now the largest center for ideas and image modeling in any field.

The ease of using this program and finding the required resources is such that now and after 12 years, this global program is still considered the first solution of many people who are looking for ideas.


These days, this video social network has about 416 million users who use it every day and upload and download photos. It is estimated that the annual capital of this social network is about 1.69 billion dollars.


Twitter, which is among the most popular social networks among Iranian youth these days, has entered the social network market since 2006.

This social network, which is known as the biggest source of information about the situation of any society, not only in Iran, but worldwide, is known as one of the best programs in the market.

The validity of this program is so important to know each community that the periodic trend of Twitter hashtags shows what issues and problems the community was involved in during that period.


Of course, it should be said that the most amount of tweets made in this program, most of these tweets were based on useless words. The latest estimate for the annual income of this program was about 7.3 billion dollars.


As the last social network that we are going to introduce to you, LinkedIn is considered to be the most used social network for job seekers.

This social network is used to improve various businesses. Most people who are looking for a job need to know a little about LinkedIn and upload their resume and portfolio to provide their information to organizations and companies that are looking to hire more job seekers.

The most important social networks in Iran

In general, it can be said that the most popular social networks in Iran are as follows:

  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • And….

The above list changes every year, both in Iran and in the world, because sometimes people migrate to other apps by filtering some apps or by adding apps with more capabilities.

The most popular social networks in Iran

For example, Facebook, Line, Twitter, and Telegram used to be among the most popular social networks of Iranians, but due to the emergence of some problems, people have migrated to other alternative applications.

final word

Social networks, in addition to the entertainment aspect they have, are considered a great source for buying, selling, and trading, which annually transfers a lot of money in these networks and its shareholders add to their capital.

Today’s world has become a source of social networks that have sometimes taken the place of face-to-face and mass communication, but by using these programs properly, help improve yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can social networks become a source of income?
    We must say yes! Social networks both directly and indirectly help their users earn income.
  • What has the greatest impact on the success of random networks?
    Ideas always and in any field usually have the first word, it has been proven in social networks that in most cases, the new idea has brought you the most users.

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