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Instagram Threads messenger is an independent program from Instagram itself, which is connected to your Instagram account, and with this method, your Instagram messages can also be viewed on this program. This program, which can be installed on Android and iOS operating systems, has various capabilities and features that we will introduce you to in the rest of this article.


What are threads from Instagram? (Instagram threads program)

In fact, the main use of Instagram trends is to post a status, which is a new feature on Instagram. Using this application, you can easily share your favorite statuses with your other friends who use this application.

The important point here is that you don’t need to create an account to use this application and you only need to log in to your Instagram account.

Before starting, it is good to know that in addition to buying Instagram followers, you can use various features of Instagram to increase sales and visit your account.

To post a status on Instagram Threads, you must go through the following steps:

  • First, download the above application through the link below.
    Download the Threads application
  • Enter your Instagram account information through which you want to enter the Instagram Trades application.
  • Selecting active notifications for this app, which has two modes:
    1- Display all Instagram notifications
    2- Display only trades notifications, which includes only direct and statuses.
  • After choosing the option you want, you will now enter a page with three options at the top of the page. which are as follows:
    1- gear: For its settings, the application is a thief
    2- Profile icon: To put the status
    3- Camera icon: To send the image to the audience.
  • One of the unique features of Trades is that you can use the default options to create a status more easily or create a status yourself from scratch.
Instagram trends program

How is the status in Terezd? threadslet’s make

To use the default features of Instagram trends, click on the profile icon and follow the steps below:

  • First, tap on the sticker icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the emoji you want from the list of emojis
  • Now it’s time to type your desired status text and then tap on the tick icon to publish your status.
    Attention: Pay attention to the fact that you can also select your close friend list in this program so that your statuses are displayed only to the people you want.
  • Now your status will be displayed on your profile picture in Trades; You can also see it on your Instagram next to your profile picture.

How to send photos in Threads application

Now it’s time to send photos in this application, which is another application of Trades. Follow the steps below to send a photo to your target audience:

All about Instagram trends
  • First, tap on the camera icon
  • You will now be presented with several options. If you want to take a photo, select the option to take a photo from the bottom of the screen.
    tip: You can turn off your camera’s flash on this page or rotate the camera and then take a photo.
    Also, if you already have a photo, you can choose the photo you want by selecting the option (choose photo from gallery) and by choosing Apply filters on photos, you can upload the filters you want on the photo you took or uploaded from the gallery.
  • Threads filters are as follows:
    1- Tap on the Aa icon to write text
    2- To add an emoji to your picture, click on the number two icon or the emoticon icon
    3- To draw a shape on the photo, use the third icon or the icon that has the shape of a wavy line.
    4- To set the number of times the photo is shown to your audience, tap on the fourth icon or the flash icon
    5- To save or download the edited photo, tap on the fifth icon or the arrow pointing down
    6- Now if you want to send the photo, tap on the icon at the bottom of the screen

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What are the settings of Instagram Trends application?

Now that you are familiar with how to send photos and post status in this Instagram thread, it is not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with its settings so that you can change and personalize the items in this program as you wish.

As we said before, the gear icon is for the settings of the Trades program. which is considered as an option for personalizing any item in this program as follows:

  • The first option is notification or notifications, where you can apply the desired settings for display notifications in this program.
  • Camera or camera Here, by selecting option two on the opened page, you can automatically save the photos taken with the Trades camera in your phone, and by selecting the save original photos option, you can save the photo with original quality in your gallery.
  • Themes option To change the theme itself is the Trades program
  • Privacy option It is for the security settings of this program where you can hide the ability to display your online status or Activity Status
  • Also like Instagram Help center option To send feedback or problems to the technical team of this app
  • Eventually Log out option It is also intended to exit the program.

Now that you are familiar with the countless features of the Instagram Trends app, you can share your experiences using this app with us.

In the end, if you know a better program in this field, you can share it with us and other Followers in the comments section.

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