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One of the most popular video sharing platforms is the YouTube program, from which you need to know all the important terms to earn money. In this article, we will tell you all the terms of YouTube for you dear friends. Stay with us.


What is a YouTube channel?

A YouTube channel is a space where you upload your content so that people who follow you can see it.

The good thing about the YouTube channel is that you can customize it like your Instagram page to have a specific theme and format for your channel.

For example, using a dedicated cover and special profile photo for your YouTube channel will help a lot to increase your traffic.

You can also categorize videos by creating playlists on your YouTube channel. Each YouTube channel has its own address and url that can be used to promote and attract more audience.

YouTube Terms
YouTube Terms

What does Subscribe to YouTube mean?

The English word subscribe in Persian means to subscribe or become a member.

When you subscribe to a YouTube channel, the app’s feed page displays videos from the subscribed channels.

On the other hand, you can easily enter the channel and watch other content after watching the new video.

One of the initial conditions for YouTube to register a channel in the list of revenue-generating channels of this platform is to have at least a thousand subscriptions, which can be easily done by purchasing a subscription in the shortest possible time.

Some people buy credit for their YouTube page by buying a YouTube subscription at the beginning of their career.

YouTube Subscribe

How to subscribe to a YouTube channel?

Here are the steps to subscribe to a YouTube channel:

  • Log in to YouTube app
  • In the top bar of the program, in the search field, search for the name of the channel you want
  • A list of channels close to your typed name is displayed, the main channel can be identified by the number of subscriptions or contents
  • Tap the desired channel
  • At the bottom, click the subscribe button to join.

tip: After tapping the subscribe option, the color of the button box changes to gray and the phrase inside it changes to the word subscribed.

Note that one of the ways you can get more attention and durability for your videos on YouTube is to buy YouTube likes because people usually prefer to watch the videos that have received more likes, because they think these videos It has been attractive to the public, so it is worth seeing and taking the time.

How to watch subscribed videos on YouTube?

The easiest way is to log in to your account. Click Subscriptions at the top of the page. By doing this, a list of all the videos of your favorite channels will be displayed so that you can easily find the channel you want.

What is a YouTube bell?

After you subscribe to the desired channel. Next to subscribed, there is an option with a bell sign. If you click on the bell and select the all option, after notifying any new content on this channel, a notification will be sent to inform you.

What is a YouTube playlist?

If you are one of those users who like to have your favorite content in a regular list, you can access the archive of your favorite videos with the help of the playlist feature.

The important point here is that if you want to increase the chances of your videos being saved in the playlist, you need to increase the number of views of your videos so that you can encourage people to visit and subscribe.

But how is it possible to increase traffic to get started ?! Our suggestion is that in addition to producing engaging content and engaging with your audience, do not neglect to buy YouTube hits.

Monitoring YouTube

Build playlists on YouTube

Now that you are familiar with the term YouTube playlisting, it is not bad to know that to have a personal playlist on YouTube and easy access to the content that you want to see again, you can do the following steps:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account with your Google Account
  • Select the video you want to add to your playlist
  • There is a save icon at the bottom of the video, which will open a new menu.
  • In this menu, you will be introduced to different sections for saving a content that have Favorites and Watch Later by default.
  • If you want to create a new section for yourself, you can do so with the help of the last option to create new playlist.
  • Then a field will open for you where you have to type the name of your playlist.
  • Next, you need to select the security level of your playlist.
  • Finally, click create to create your playlist.
Build a YouTube playlist

Below the name option is the security field where you will see three different options; The first option is public, which if selected, other users will access it by searching for the name of the playlist. The second option is unlisted or unlisted, which only users who have access to the playlist link, can use its contents. The last option is the private option that only you have access to the created playlist.

Manitize on YouTube

The term YouTube monitoring refers to the stage when the channel meets all the conditions for entering the list of monetizing channels and you can activate the steps of earning money from YouTube. Making money from the YouTube platform is done by displaying ads at the beginning, middle or end of the content, which varies depending on the duration of the ad.

Other ways to earn money through YouTube channel are sponsorship, sales cooperation, product introduction and..

YouTube has recently changed its service methods so that you can place ads for your content even if your channel is not monitored in this app.

Monitor YouTube

Steps of monitoring the YouTube channel

Making money from YouTube is a detailed discussion that is beyond the scope of the text; But in short, to monitor a channel in this platform, the following steps must be done:

  1. First, create a channel on the YouTube platform and produce consistent, yet engaging, quality content.
    tip : Keep in mind to produce content on a regular and scheduled basis.
  2. Be aware of all the rules of YouTube to make your business more professional. YouTube is one of the strictest copyright platforms; So never forget this.
  3. I need at least a thousand subscriptions to monitor a page, and the natural process of attracting an audience in this program takes at least twelve months; But you can speed up the process by buying a subscription. On the other hand, you need at least 4,000 hours of views, which with the help of tricks to increase YouTube views, you can easily pass this condition as well. (Unlisted and private videos in this They do not count.)
  4. To monitor a channel, you need a Google Adsense account to access your YouTube feeds through this account.

To access content statistics, you can do the following:

  • Open your YouTube homepage.
  • Tap the Manage Videos button
  • At the bottom, in the Monetization option, you will access the information you want.

After observing all the above, you can send a request to check the channel for YouTube; But keep in mind that the review takes between 3 to 90 days and after confirmation, you will be allowed to earn money through the channel introduced to you.

Demanitize YouTubeB

When your channel is not eligible for monetization through YouTube by the Google team and they have been found to be infringing on this channel, you are demantized.

Some of the reasons for demanitizing a channel are:

  • Failure to comply with copyright law: Using other people’s content easily takes you out of the YouTube competition.
  • Having two strikes: If you receive your second strike error while working in this platform, think about building a new channel immediately; Because YouTube does not monitor channels with two strikes.
  • Absence of the creator in the content: If your content receives high traffic and is very popular among users; But if you were not there as a developer, YouTube would not approve of you.
YouTube Demanatize

YouTube Watch Time

Watch time is the length of time a video is viewed on YouTube. The higher the clock time of a content, the more likely it is that other users will see the content, which will increase the overall page traffic.

The high quality of the content and the attractiveness of its content have a high impact on YouTube Watch Time.

Other YouTube terms

So far we have learned the most important terms of YouTube together; But there are a number of words that, knowing them, will take you far above your competitors. These YouTube words and phrases are:

  1. Subject: The subject of a content
  2. Demonetized: Prevent monetization of a YouTube channel for violating and crossing the YouTube red line
  3. MCN: Intermediary companies that help you get money from Iran
  4. Rank: YouTube channel ranking among competitors
  5. Monetize: YouTube channel monetization
  6. RPM: The amount that YouTube will deposit into your account for every thousand views
  7. CPM: Deposit amount for advertising
  8. Description: Text descriptions below each video content
  9. Thumbnails: Video cover or initial image that is displayed to the audience before the video is played
Monitor YouTube

Concluding remarks

In this article, we tried to teach you the most important terms of YouTube in simple language, dear friends. We are waiting for your questions and suggestions. If you have experience in this field, share it with us and your friends.

What are the most important terms in YouTube?

The number of these terms is very large; But some of them are: Subscribe, Mintize, Watch Time and…

What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there?

Knowing YouTube terms will make your activity on this platform more professional.

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