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As you know, the number of YouTube subscribers is one of the factors of generating income through this popular social network. One of the common questions that many users ask us is why YouTube subscribers are dropping! Join us in this article to check the reason for the drop in YouTube subscribers together.


What is the reason for the drop in YouTube subscribers?

Many people are busy making money through the YouTube platform. The amount of income of these people is influenced by the number of subscribers and the number of their views. Therefore, the drop in subscribers can have a negative impact on the income of these people. In the following, we mention 6 of the reasons for the drop in YouTube subscribers, stay with Followcamp.

Common ip of Iranian YouTube users

Because the YouTube social network is filtered in Iran, people who want to enter YouTube from Iran have to use a filter breaker. When you use the anti-filter, you may connect to the same country’s IP each time. As a result, because your country keeps changing, YouTube may recognize you as a bot. If YouTube detects a number of a person’s subscribers as bots, it will remove them from that person’s YouTube channel, and as a result, the person will face a loss of subscribers.

The reason for the drop in subscribers

Late update of information based on YouTube algorithm

YouTube algorithms are updated every few months or once a year and small changes are made in them. If the person who produces content on this platform does not update his information about YouTube updates, he may have problems or the content he produces may be slightly inconsistent with the new algorithms. As a result, YouTube may fine a person and his subscribers may drop.

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Deletion of inactive users

Subscribers who have only subscribed to your YouTube channel, but neither watch your videos nor leave likes and comments for you, and are generally completely inactive, will be removed from your subscriber list by YouTube over time. be. As a result, it is better to ask your followers to like your videos and leave comments. Also, when you publish a new video on YouTube, it’s a good idea to promote your new video on your other social media accounts so that more people will watch it.

User privacy settings

YouTube has privacy settings for users that allow them to specify some topics or content that they don’t like so that it won’t be shown to them. Over time, some of your subscribers may have changed their privacy settings and your content will not be displayed for them. As a result, after a period of inactivity of those people in your YouTube channel, YouTube will remove them from your subscriber list.

Low and irregular activity

Your low and irregular activity can cause your subscribers to drop in two ways. First, when you don’t post any new videos on your channel for, for example, six months or a year, a large number of viewers get disappointed and unfollow you. On the other hand, when you don’t publish a post on your channel, as a result, subscribers don’t work on your channel and don’t leave likes and comments for you. So YouTube also removes a large number of them from your subscriber list due to inactivity.

In addition to regular and creative activity, buying YouTube subscribers along with buying watch time increases the channel’s growth rate significantly.

Poor content production

And the sixth and last reason that you can have for the drop of your YouTube subscribers is your poor content production.

Poor content production on YouTube

If the content you produce is not of the right quality or your topics are repetitive and unattractive, many of your audience will gradually get tired of you and unsubscribe you. As a result, your subscribers will drop over time. As a result, you should try to improve the quality of your content day by day and produce useful and attractive content.
Usually, educational content on YouTube has more fans, so if you have a skill, try to teach it in the best way and record high-quality videos. Also, fan videos and YouTube challenges are among the most popular videos

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last word
In this content, we tried to briefly discuss the reasons for the drop in YouTube subscribers. Some of these causes are preventable and some of them are not. For example, the way you produce your content is one of the factors under your control, and by making it better and more qualitative, you can not only prevent your subscribers from falling, but also help increase YouTube subscribers on your YouTube channel.

We hope this article was useful for you. Ask us your questions in the comments section. Also, if you can think of another reason for the drop of YouTube subscribers, you can share it with other users of the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the reason for the drop in YouTube subscribers?
    There are various reasons for the drop in YouTube subscribers. Such as the use of vpn, late updating of information based on the YouTube algorithm, deletion of inactive users, user privacy settings, poor content production, etc.
  • How can poor content production cause YouTube subscribers to drop?
    When your content is of poor quality and repetitive or not posted regularly, your audience will gradually tire of you and unfollow or unsubscribe you.

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