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How well do you know the rules for deleting Instagram posts? It may have happened to you that you published a post on Instagram, but after a few minutes or hours, you realized that your post is not on your page. If you are looking for the cause of this problem and you want to find solutions to prevent it, follow this article to the end.


Why does Instagram delete the video?

When you post on Instagram. You may find that the post is not displayed to your audience. Sometimes your post is on your page, but it is not displayed to some people. The cause of this problem can be one of the following:

  • Instagram is not updated
    Sometimes some of your audience will not be able to see some of your posts because their Instagram is not updated. For example, some people may not have the Rails feature because their page has not been updated, and if you publish a video Rails, they may not be able to view it.
Problem posting
  • Geographical region
    Some Instagram options are disabled for some geographies. As a result, some of your stories or posts, although not deleted and still on your page, will not be displayed to your audience in those geographic areas.

But there are many other times when your post or story is completely deleted by Instagram and neither you nor your audience can see it.

Among the things that may delete a post or story on Instagram, such as:

  • technical issues
    Some technical problems such as not having a complete internet connection, your mobile phone is full, the presence of a second person on your page and… can cause your story or post not to be published from the beginning and you think someone has deleted it.
    In such cases, Instagram did not have a problem with your content and did not delete it. Rather, your post or story has not been published correctly and completely. It is better to try to publish your content a few more times to succeed. If necessary, you can hand over the complete management of your page to an Instagram admin so that only one person is responsible for managing the account.
Why does Instagram delete some posts?
Why does Instagram delete some posts?
  • Violation of Instagram rules
    But when will Instagram delete your post? When you do not follow the rules of Instagram. In such cases, Instagram will delete a post or story a few minutes or hours after it is published.
    Instagram social network has rules for publishing content that if you do not follow these rules, Instagram artificial intelligence will notice and delete your post.
    Sometimes it may even fine you and take away some features like Rails for a while or not allow you to publish a post or story. We will learn more about these rules later.

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Rules Delete Post Instagram

As mentioned, Instagram has strict rules that if you do not follow them, your post and story will be deleted by Instagram or you may even be fined. It is better to be aware of these rules so that you will face less challenges in this platform.

Prohibited content on Instagram
Prohibited content on Instagram

The rules for producing content on Instagram include the following:

  1. Publish content that promotes self-harm or suicide
    If your content contains images of self-harm, self-immolation or suicide, it will be removed by Instagram.
  2. Publish sexual content and nude pictures
    Sexual content, nude pictures and pornography are against the rules of Instagram. This content is quickly deleted and blocked by Instagram.
  3. Disseminate violent and bullying content
    Images and videos that contain violent content or harassment by yourself or others are illegal and prohibited. Such as child abuse or animal abuse.
  4. Hate in content
    It is illegal for Instagram to publish content that spreads hatred against certain races, religions, genders and minorities. If you publish such content, Instagram will penalize you.
  5. Use of specific signs and symbols in the content
    Some signs and symbols, such as Nazi symbols or cults and cults, are banned on Instagram. If your image or video has such signs, it is better to censor them.
  6. Use of violent means
    Selling and using violent tools such as knives, spears, axes and… and posting pictures of them on Instagram is prohibited and will even make your page happy or action blocked.
  7. Alcohol and drugs
    Posting content that includes the sale and promotion of drugs or alcohol on Instagram is prohibited.
  8. Online gambling
    Content including online gambling ads on Instagram is prohibited and may cause inconvenience to your page.
    Instagram copyright law
  9. Non-compliance with copyright
    When a work is created (music, video, image, etc.) it is the material and intellectual property of the owner of the work.
    If you use it without the owner’s permission, Instagram will delete your post and restrict your page. If you intend to use the works of others, you must have permission from them and introduce the owner of the work on your page.

Return deleted Instagram post

If your Instagram post has been deleted due to copyright law, Instagram will send you a message asking if you have obtained the author’s permission.

If you have the permission of the owner of the work, you can confirm the issue at your own risk and Instagram will return your post to your page.

But if your post or story is removed for other reasons such as violent content, gambling ads, etc., you can not return it to your page. Instead, you should correct the problem and republish it.

Return deleted Instagram post
Return deleted Instagram post

So it is better that you follow the rules of content production on Instagram from the beginning so that Instagram does not delete it and your page does not get in trouble. Because if your page is restricted due to non-compliance with the rules, this restriction may take months and cause your page to drop.

The last word

In this article, we answered the question why Instagram deletes some posts. We also talked about the reasons for deleting the post or not seeing the post by the audience.

We hope you find this article useful. If you have a question about deleting posts and stories by Instagram that you did not find the answer in this article, ask us in the comments section.

If this article was useful to you, send it to your friends as well, so that they would be aware of the rules for deleting posts on Instagram, and their page would not be restricted.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Instagram delete some posts?
    Deleting posts and stories by Instagram can happen for two reasons. First of all, this problem may be a technical problem and it has nothing to do with you. But the second reason is that you have not followed the rules of Instagram in your content.
  • What are the rules for deleting posts on Instagram?
    Laws such as copyright, non-publication of offensive content, non-publication of sexually explicit content, non-publication of harassing and bullying content, non-publication of self-harm or suicide content, and…

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