Fix the problems of the Twitter application on the Android phone

Despite the many fans that the Twitter social network has, in some cases this program faces problems and does not work properly for many users. In order to use Twitter comfortably and without problems, Twitter users should be familiar with these problems and the reasons for their occurrence so that they can take the necessary measures to solve them.

Important topics in this article:

The failure of the Twitter program and the problems that exist during its implementation are caused by various reasons, so according to the type of problem, the appropriate solution should be done.

The site for buying Instagram followers is one of the most reliable and active sites in the field of services and training for various social networks such as twitter In this article, he also discussed the problems of the Twitter program and their solutions. So, to get to know the problems of this program and to solve them, stay with us until the end of this article.

Twitter application not loading problems

The problems of not uploading the Twitter app may occur to all users, and these problems are very painful and frustrating for users. When the Twitter app won’t load and you encounter problems, you can fix it by doing some simple steps. In the following, the most important reasons for the Twitter program not loading and how to fix them are stated.

  • Why doesn't Twitter come up?  Fix the problems of the Twitter application on the Android phone

1. Check the Internet connection

Because the Twitter program is filtered in Iran, so to enter this program and use it, its IP must be changed. Because if the IP used has a low speed and is slow, it will be difficult to enter the program and work with it. Therefore, to use Twitter comfortably and without problems, you must use an IP that has high quality and speed.

Twitter app update

2. Update the Twitter app

The version of all applications and virtual programs will stop working after some time, and their new version with new features will be released. The Twitter program is no exception to this rule and needs to be updated frequently.

Therefore, you should download the updated versions of the program to solve their problems. If there is a problem with uploading the Twitter application, you must download and install the latest version.

3. Uninstalling and installing the Twitter application

If you normally and always use a version of the Twitter application, but it suddenly has problems and is slow to load, it is better to delete the application and reinstall it. One of the common ways to solve the problem of Twitter app not loading is this method.

4. Turn off and on the phone

This problem has been created for many Twitter users, the app loads and works fine on their computer but has trouble loading on their phones. To fix this problem, it is better to turn off and on your phone and then run the program again.

Check phone memory

5. Check phone memory

Twitter, like other applications and virtual programs, occupies some memory and space on the mobile phone. Therefore, if the phone’s memory is full, you will have problems installing the Twitter application and the application will not be installed for you.

So, if you have problems installing the program, first check your phone’s memory from the settings section and if the memory is full, delete the unused programs.

6.Clear app data

If the data consumption of the program is increased, the program becomes heavy and faces slowness and lack of easy and fast uploading. Therefore, to fix this problem, it is better to clear the data of the Twitter application from time to time. Clearing Twitter data does not delete the user account, but restores the application’s settings to their original state.

7. Changing the way to register in the program

In some cases, when signing up on Twitter with a mobile number, the verification code is not sent. Therefore, if this problem occurs, other methods such as email can be used to send the code and verify the identity. Of course, to do this, you need to provide a backup email to the program.

8. Disable browser extensions

There are plugins in browsers that interfere with Twitter loading properly. Of course, this problem occurs mostly for the web version of Twitter. To solve this problem, you have to disable all plugins and if the problem is solved, you can realize that the problem of Twitter not loading and its slowness is due to plugins. Then you have to try all the plugins one by one to disable the plugin that caused the problem on Twitter and solve the problem.

9. Enable app access permissions

If the Twitter access permissions are disabled, the application will be disrupted and will not work properly. Therefore, it is better to enable Twitter access permissions. To enable Twitter access permissions, it is necessary to go to the application settings section and enable access permissions in the Twitter application settings section.

Clear browser cache

10. Clearing the browser cache

If you use a browser to use the Twitter application and you encounter the problem of the application being slow and not loading, you should clear the cache of the browser. Increasing the browser cache prevents the Twitter app from working properly. Therefore, from the settings section of your desired browser, you can clear its cache and solve the problem of Twitter not coming up.

The problem of locking the Twitter account

Another common problem that occurs for users of the Twitter app is the locking of the Twitter account. This problem occurs when the user enters his password incorrectly several times and his account is locked. Therefore, in order to solve this problem and reopen the account, one must wait an hour until the account lock is removed and the account is reactivated.


Twitter is one of the social networks that has not spared any efforts for its attractiveness, but this program, like all programs, faces problems. The Twitter app sometimes has problems with slowness or not loading.

Not loading Twitter application does not load due to various reasons and it is disrupted and this problem annoys the users. To solve these problems, you can take actions such as: turning the phone off and on, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, checking the internet connection, clearing hidden data in the phone or browser, activating app access permissions, ensuring the phone’s storage space, and so on. Tried Qabil.

In this article, we examined all the possibilities of not loading and other problems of the Twitter application and explained the methods to solve it. The site for buying Instagram followers is proud to work in the field of training and providing services for various virtual networks, including Twitter, and offers the best services with the highest quality and the most suitable price.

Frequently asked questions to fix problems with the Twitter app

What is the reason for not sending SMS, creating a Twitter account?

Due to the filtering of the Twitter program in Iran, there is a possibility of not sending an identity confirmation SMS, which can be used to confirm the user account using email.

What is the problem of Twitter not loading and being slow in browsers?

Increased browser cache prevents the Twitter app from working properly and should be cleared.

What is the reason for not installing Twitter?

Not installing Twitter for reasons such as; The memory is full, the program is filtered, the date is not updated, etc.

Does clearing Twitter data delete the account?

No, clearing Twitter data only resets account settings.

How to solve the problem of Twitter being locked?

To solve this problem, you have to wait for an hour and if the program is not activated, you have to confirm your mobile number.

Does lack of phone memory have an effect on Twitter not coming up?

Yes, the Twitter app requires memory to install.

What if Twitter opens on a computer but not on a phone?

To solve this problem, you should turn off and on your phone and then run the program again.

What should be done if the problem of Twitter not coming up is not solved?

If the problem is not solved after doing all the troubleshooting methods, you can contact Twitter support and solve your problem.

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