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The bot for downloading photos from Instagram was created due to the lack of the ability to download images and videos directly from Instagram. In fact, it can be said that the most convenient and best tools for downloading photos from Instagram are robots. If you are not familiar with these bots, join us to introduce 3 of the best photo download bots from Instagram for you.


Methods of downloading photos from Instagram

As we mentioned earlier, unfortunately, you do not have the ability to download photos and videos through the Instagram application itself. This factor caused many to look for a solution to this problem, some of these methods are as follows:

  • Taking a screenshot
  • Using bots to download photos
  • Photo storage programs and software
  • Using Instagram photo download sites
  • Using Google Chrome extensions
Methods of downloading photos from Instagram

As you have seen, there are countless solutions for this problem, and in this article, we will specifically introduce the methods of downloading photos from Instagram using a robot.

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Getting help from the photo download bot on Instagram

Robots are always a simple and extraordinary solution for any problem. Regarding the topic discussed in this article, two unique robots with the names There are Regram and InstaSave telegram bot.

Using these two bots as well as the ippgbot bot, you can easily download the photos you want.

The best Instagram photo download bots

Now that you are familiar with the various methods of downloading photos from Instagram and are aware of the advantages of robots over other methods, we will introduce the best and most widely used Instagram robots in this field; Stay with us.

Regram bot

The first robot that we introduce in this article is the Telegram robot Regram is This wonderful robot can download all the information you need from Instagram.

The only problem and limitation of this robot is that you have to buy a monthly subscription to use all the features and facilities of this robot.

Regram bot

However, this bot has provided the public with the ability to download posts and stories for free.

Regram bot page

The facilities provided by this robot are as follows:

  • Download profile pictures, stories, posts
  • Ability to download the most popular posts and videos
  • Download all posts and stories at once

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Download bot from Instagram instasave-bot

Among other popular robots in the field of downloading photos from Instagram, Robot InsataSave_bot Is. This bot, like the Regram bot, has the ability to download profile pictures, posts, stories, videos, and photos.

Telegram bot page InstaSave_bot


ippgbot bot

Another popular Telegram bot for downloading photos from Instagram is the ippgbot bot. This robot, like the previous two robots, provides you with many facilities and capabilities, to access this robot in Telegram, just search its name in Telegram.

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final word

In this article, we tried to introduce you the best bots for downloading photos from Instagram; Using the introduced robots, you can easily download the photos you want from Instagram with the highest quality. In the end, we ask you, dear companions, if you also know a useful robot in this field, introduce it to us and other followcamp companions in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best bots to download photos from Instagram?
    ippgbot robot – instasave-bot – regram robot
  • What are the methods to download photos from Instagram?
    Taking screenshots – using robots to download photos – photo storage programs and software – using Instagram photo download sites – using Google Chrome extensions

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