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Rich Instagram account is one of the components that can ensure your success and visibility on Instagram. In this article, we will learn more about Rich Instagram account; Stay with us.


What is a Rich account?

Reach literally means “achievement” or “achievement”. In fact, it can be said that the meaning of this term on Instagram is the audience that your content has reached.

In simpler language, the number of rickshaws of your posts or stories indicates the number of views of that post or story, which is usually the better.

Some people may confuse “Rich and Impression” and do not know the difference between the two. In the following, we will give a brief explanation about the difference between these two terms.

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Rich and Impression Differences

The term impression on Instagram also means the number of visits. But the difference with Rich is that if someone watches your post or story n times, it is only 1 Rich. But the impression is the number of times a person has viewed your story or post (or n).

As a result, if the number of impressions is greater than the number of riches. This means that people who have viewed your post or story have liked the content and viewed it more than once.

Where is Rich Instagram account?

But where is Rich Instagram account and how can we find out how many people have visited our account or posts and stories?

To check your Rich Instagram account, you can access its information in two ways:

  1. The first step is to first log in to your profile and touch the top three lines on the right.
    Then select the Get Insights option. In this section you will see the Accounts Reached option.
  2. In the second path, all you have to do is open one of your Instagram posts and then touch the View Insights button at the bottom of your post image.
    Then swipe up the page to reach Accounts Reached. In this section, you can see the number of people who have viewed your account.
    Rich Instagram account
    Insight Instagram gives you other interesting information, for example, some of these people have come to your page from the Home section or Instagram feed (From Home). Some of your profile (From Profile), some through hashtags (From Hashtags) and finally some through other ways (From Others) have seen your account.

The importance of Rich Insta account

Needless to say, how important an Instagram Rich account can be in increasing your visibility and revenue on Instagram.

In fact, the more Rich your Instagram account, the more it means that you have a large audience and a large number of audiences on their own can sell more of your products (if you have an online shop).

Also, having a large number of Rich accounts can make other people and businesses come to you for their page ads, and you can also increase your income this way.

To increase the audience and consequently increase the Rich account, buying a real Instagram follower is a quick and efficient solution.

How to increase Rich Instagram account?

There are simple yet important ways to increase your Rich Instagram account through which you can get more views.

Here are 5 ways to increase your Rich Instagram account:

  1. Increase interaction
    In fact, the most important key to increasing Rich on Instagram is to increase your interaction with your audience as much as possible. For example, it is better to respond to your audience’s direct and comments in a timely manner and in a friendly tone. Also, get the audience to interact more with you by asking questions, conducting surveys, giving gifts to the audience, and so on.
  1. Write simple and intimate
    The Instagram audience has two characteristics: First, it is hasty and does not have the patience to read long captions. Secondly, he does not have time to read hard words. As a result, it is better to write your captions in the simplest and smoothest way possible and as short as possible.
    If you have to put a long caption for your post, it is better to leave a space after every 2-3 lines so that the eyes of the audience are less annoyed and they are more inclined to read the caption.
  2. Use content produced by the audience
    People like to talk about themselves and hear about themselves. They generally like things about themselves.
    Factors influencing Rich Instagram
    Now one of the ways you can get more visitors is to share images, videos, and generally content that your audience sends to you, with their permission, on your page.
    Doing so (especially if you have a large number of followers) will make your audience happy and increase their interaction with your page, which will ultimately increase your Rich Page.
  3. Add Faq to your Instagram page
    If the number of direct messages sent to your page is high, you can automatically answer many questions from your audience by adding frequently asked questions (faq) to your Instagram direct page.
    When you enable the FAQ feature for your page, you will include a number of frequently asked frequently asked questions in this section and add the answers to these questions. That way, whenever someone asks you those questions, the answer will be automatically sent to them by Instagram.
    Frequently Asked Questions on Instagram
  4. Do not use black hat SEO to be seen
    Black hat SEO refers to methods that people use illegally to promote themselves on Google or social media.
    In fact, using illegal methods (such as installing a robot on an Instagram page) may make you more visible in the short term. But after a while, Instagram artificial intelligence will notice your illegal work and this issue will be a problem for your page.
    Instagram may even block your page with joy or action. Some of these illegal methods include using duplicate content, using bots, over-replicating hashtags or keywords, and so on.

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The last word

In this article, we tried to provide you with brief and useful information about Rich Instagram account and ways to increase it. We hope you find this article useful.

If you have used methods that have increased your Instagram Rich account, you can share it with other users of the site. You can also ask us your questions in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rich Instagram account?

Rich Instagram account is actually a number that shows the number of visits to your page. The higher the number, the more attractive your page and content are to your audience.

Where is Rich Instagram account?

You can access Rich Instagram account in two ways. One through the Get Insights page and the other way through the View Insights of your page posts.

How to increase Rich Instagram account?

There are many ways to increase your Rich Instagram account. Such as: increase interaction with the audience, add frequently asked questions to the page, use short and simple captions, do not use black hat SEO and…

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