Everything we need to know about active and real followers

What does the word follower mean?

One of the most common terms that circulates among Instagram social network users today is the word follower. Follow means following and Follower means follower.

Important topics in this article:

Follower is an English word and it is used in different meanings, but its use has increased since the emergence of social networks, especially Instagram, in such a way that some people believe that this word belongs only to this space.

The creators of Instagram have considered a possibility in their platform so that users can communicate with each other through it. The purpose of this feature for Instagram is to create a link between profiles and active pages.

What does the number of followers indicate?

When we view a person’s profile on Instagram, we come across terms such as Followers, under which a number is displayed.

  • Everything we need to know about active and real followers

This number is the number of people who follow the relevant profile and are the so-called followers of that page. It can be said that the number of followers is a symbol for the competition of a page with other Instagram pages. The higher this number is, the more popular it is with the audience.

Maybe you have a question, what do M and K that we see in the number of followers of some pages mean? K is used when the followers of a page are above 9999 and below one million people.

M is also used for times when a page has millions of followers. Using these two letters saves the space of the application and is considered a factor for the beauty of the number.

Types of profiles on Instagram

  • Business profile (business): This type of profile is not private and can be followed by all users.
  • public profile (Public): This type of profile does not need to be requested and can be followed.
  • private profile (Private): To follow this type of page, you must give a follow request to its admin.

Types of followers on Instagram

There are various factors to classify the types of followers on Instagram, but one of the main and key classifications is as follows:

  1. Profile completeness level(Follower Real)
  2. The amount of user activity(active follower)
  3. Nationality of the follower(Iranian or non-Iranian)
  4. The follower’s gender(Ms. or Mister)

Real follower

The term “true follower” means that a profile has completely completed all parts of its account that are publicly visible to other users. These parts include: profile photo, suitable username, text or bio and having a suitable name for the Instagram page.

What is important for an Instagram admin is the authenticity of the followers he adds to his page in different ways. If most followers of a page are real followers, it is considered a special score for the page.

Active follower

On Instagram, active followers are told to do the following at least once a day for a short period of time:

  • Liking different posts, even Explorer posts
  • leave a comment
  • Increasing the number of pages that have followers through visiting stories and posts
  • Follow and unfollow
  • Using the option of live Instagram and posting a story

Nationality and gender

Another important characteristic that exists in the types of followers is nationality and gender. The nationality of a user is determined based on various factors. For example, pages that a user has followed, posts that have been liked more in a geographical area such as Iran, etc. For us Iranians and especially for pages that have Persian-speaking audiences, being Iranian as a follower is very important.

In the user profile settings on Instagram, there is a section called Gender to determine the gender of the user. The Male option determines whether the user is a man and the Female option determines whether the user is a woman. These two points (nationality and gender) are important for those who want to increase the number of followers by buying followers.

How to increase your real followers give

There are methods that you can use to increase real followers:

  • Use hashtags

The correct use of hashtags plays an important role in the visibility of your page. By inserting appropriate and relevant hashtags under your posts, it will be displayed to other users, and in this way, you will increase the possibility of increasing your audience.

  • From other social networks for Use to increase followers

If you have an account on other social networks besides Instagram, you can promote your page on them to increase your followers.

Use the (location tag) feature

Use the (location tag) feature

One of the features of Instagram is that it shows posts related to people who are nearby. With the location tag in your posts, you will effectively increase your followers.

  • Share questionable stories

By asking questions in your stories, you will attract more audiences and users will follow your page to follow it, and this will eventually increase the number of your followers.

  • Write interesting captions

Usually, the posts that have more interaction compared to other posts are the ones that have better captions. A strong and professional caption can engage the audience with your posts and this process is in your favor. Therefore, as a result, the number of your followers will increase.

Buying followers is a process in which a number of Instagram profiles become followers of a page on Instagram. Buying followers from reliable servers is one of the most basic and fastest ways to increase real Instagram followers.

Many pages that have a large number of followers, and you are probably one of their followers, have increased their number of followers by buying followers. When buying followers, you should pay special attention to the real and active profiles that are added to your page in order to increase followers.

last word

There are different ways to increase the number of real followers of a page, but as we mentioned, buying real followers is one of the fast and suitable ways for you.

By buying real followers, in addition to significantly increasing your followers, you will give credibility to your page and if you are a business owner, you will help to achieve more income and profit.

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What is meant by a real follower?

Followers who are active on your Instagram page and like and comment on your posts are called active followers.

Can we buy real followers from Instagram followers buying site?

Yes ! Dear ones, you can see the best offers by visiting the site to buy Instagram followers and choosing the real follower panel

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