Entering Instagram Explorer with four golden and guaranteed methods

Login to Instagram Explorer: In Instagram, there are two ways to see different posts, one is the home page where you can see the posts of people you have followed.

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And the other is the explorer page, where a large number of different posts related to these items will be shown to you based on the search history and the people you have followed.

The posts on the Explorer page are unique to everyone, and the new posts will be from new people but with topics related to your interests.

This is an interesting way in the Instagram algorithm to bring you posts that you have already reacted to and are interested in.

  • Four golden ways to enter Instagram Explorer

Business owners always think about entering the Explorer page for this exact reason, because when they enter the Explorer page

In addition to finding a new audience, they will find an audience that they are absolutely sure will be interested in their content and product

And this means a win-win game for both the business owner who finds the right customer and the audience who reaches their favorite content and product.

Why is it necessary to go to Explorer?

If you have a small number of followers and are looking for new followers, or you want to promote your Instagram business and find new customers;

Explorer is where you should look for your goals. If you can create the right content that people are looking for, you will definitely be able to send that content to the explorer and in this way make a significant improvement on your Instagram page.

In this section, we will examine four tips that will help you enter Instagram Explorer.

Put the correct use of hashtags on your agenda

Put the correct use of hashtags on your agenda

You can use about 30 hashtags in each post you send to Instagram. Hashtags help you to find your content as quickly as possible for your audience if the audience searches on the login page of Instagram Explorer, and even in this way you can shape your brand and become famous in the virtual space.

Also, as you know, hashtags can also be followed, so if your audience has followed one of the hashtags you have used, your content will be suggested to this audience through this hashtag.

You can see how much the use of hashtags related to your business can help you in going up in the explorer page.

Producing quality content is the basic principle in entering Instagram Explorer

Figuring out what kind of posts your content audience likes isn’t too difficult; Search for one of the keywords related to your business or page content on Instagram

And then carefully analyze the channels you find and see what content has received the most likes and attention and what are its features?

And without copying, deliver a content with the characteristics of a good and attractive content to the audience and see how such a post can attract the audience from the explorer!

Notify your followers that your post has been published

Tell your followers that your post has been published

When you publish a post, this post is first displayed on the home page for your followers, and then it goes to the explorer if the feedback from your audience is good.

By announcing the publication of your post in the stories section, you can inform more of your followers about the publication of your post, and this issue can definitely be effective in entering your Instagram explorer.

Increase the interaction on your page

The four action items on Instagram that the audience uses to react to your content are called interaction. These four items are likes, comments, shares and saves by users. The higher these four items are for a post, we say interaction. There was more to that post.

Your posts must have high engagement from your follower audience to go to the explorer; You can also ask your followers to like your posts

Or ask them questions that will make them want to answer these questions and create a connection. You can also use other methods such as posting contests.

How can I find out if my post went to Explorer or not?

You can also use the Instagram program to find out if your post has gone to the explorer or not? And if it is gone, how many visits are related to the explorer; You can do this from the insight section and for this you must follow the following steps:

1- First, open your Instagram app and go to your account.

2- Remember that your Instagram page must be in public mode and also professional and business type so that you have access to the statistical information of the page.

3- Touch the three lines at the top of the screen and then select the insight option you saw.

4- Among the options of the insight option, one is related to the statistics of the explorer, in this section, if your post has been visited by the explorer, you can see its number in this section.


Going to the explorer does not have any specific method or formula, and the points mentioned on different websites are only the experiences of the users themselves from the times when their posts found their way to the explorer. We hope that the tips that we have taught you as our experiences in taking posts to the explorer have been useful and practical.

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Frequently asked questions about the golden way to enter Instagram Explorer

What is Instagram Explorer?

Instagram Explorer is one of the most popular and best places on Instagram to increase sales of products, followers and everything you need to have an ideal page. .

What happens to our page when our post enters the explorer?

1- If your post manages to reach the explorer, this post can bring you a lot of followers and affect the views of your other posts as well. Also, if you have started a business on Instagram, it can double your sales.

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