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In 2010, when Mr. Kevin Systrom, an American engineer, was thinking of creating an application based on images, this was the nature and basis of Instagram that was forming in his mind;

Yes, the nature and idea of ​​the application that became one of the biggest messaging giants in the world in the following years was formed based on images, and these images can be images and photos that users post on their page. Or the images and photos that they use as covers on their videos, or a photo that they put of themselves or their brand as a profile photo in the small and magical circle of the Instagram page.

The creators and managers of Instagram all believe that an application whose nature is based on images should help the user to optimize his personal images and photos that he puts in this application, regardless of whether the software and There are a lot of programs that allow users to edit their photos, Instagram itself has included features to edit photos and make them better.

Today, in this article, we are going to introduce you to these features and Instagram filters.

What is an Instagram filter?

Instagram filters are actually the additions, reductions, edits and retouches that are applied to your photos, and Instagram has prepared them in advance to make their use easier and more practical.

In professional programs like Photoshop, you have to apply these changes manually, and in order to apply the changes, you have to select an area that is going to be changed using the select tool, but using Instagram’s own filters, these items are Smart faces are selected and applied, which is very interesting and makes your work much easier.

Instagram has prepared different types of filters by default, which you can choose and use depending on the type of post, age, taste, social status and interest.

How to use various Instagram filters

The use of Instagram filters also depends on the type of post, whether your post is a story or an image for the feed page, you can apply different filters on it, but all Instagram filters are certainly attractive.

First, you open your phone’s camera and take the photo you want or choose a photo from the gallery and make the necessary changes using different filters and apply the filter to the photo or video and save it. you post These filters can be used for both stories and posts.

Here we introduce some of these filters and edits to you and talk about how to work with them and what kind of posts they are suitable for.

The difference between filters and editing for images

The difference between filters and editing for images

When you choose your own photo or another image for Instagram, to optimize your photo, Instagram gives you two options: edit and filter. Although these two items have differences, they will help to improve your image. You should use both options.

Lark filter

In addition to increasing the light of the image, this filter also increases the concentration of green and blue colors in your image and also decreases the concentration of red colors to create a better image; Because green and blue colors are cold colors, the coldness of the image will increase in this filter, and because these colors are relaxing, the image will also be relaxing. If you have taken pictures of nature in which you want to see more effect of green color, this filter can help you.

Moon filter

In this filter, all the colors of the image are lost and only black and white remain. These types of photos and images can be used to create a different mood, conveying a mixture of the old feeling and at the same time attractiveness of your image to the audience.

Valencia filter

This filter also increases the light in the image and increases the warm colors and changes these colors in a way that gives the audience a little old feeling.

Glitter filter

What this filter does is that it makes the images shiny and transparent. It can be said that it is one of the filters that if you use it in stories and feeds, it can increase the likes, comments and followers of your page, and for some special pages such as beauty, makeup, artificial nails, etc. Pages should increase customers.

Edit next to the filter

As we said in the previous sections, in addition to the filter, Instagram also provides users with the edit option to use it to improve their images; Now, what can be done with the edit option is the discussion we are talking about here.

If you click on the edit option when choosing a photo for your Instagram, it will bring you a series of other options that you can use to control the light and intensity of the light and give more effect to the colors, and also if you want a more intense filter. Apply to your image This is where you should apply from.

The options that the image editor gives you are:

Brightness With this option, you can increase or decrease the intensity of the light in the image.

Contrast With the contrast option, you can put light and dark colors together with more distinction to make the image more beautiful.

Saturation This option means color saturation and makes colors more saturated or pale.

Temperature The temperature option can also help you highlight or tone down warm or cool colors in a photo.

Fade This is also a game with light that gives your images a nostalgic feeling by increasing the warm colors.

Vignette This option, with more light in the center of the image, draws the focus and attention of the audience to the most important elements of the photo.


The article you read will help you optimize the images you post on Instagram, and you can use both filters and edit options to do this. Using these filters will help you the most in publishing different images on your personal page and increasing sales on your Instagram page.

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Frequently asked questions about Instagram photo editing using Instagram filters

How can we use different filters on Instagram?

If you want to put a filter on your face, you should use a series of filters when you want to post a story, but if you want to use a filter when posting, you can only adjust the light and concentration of colors and you cannot put a filter on your face.

How can we download Instagram face filters?

1- When you see someone’s face filter and you like it, the name of the filter is written on the upper right side, you can tap on it and save it.

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