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Business activists on Instagram are looking for new and innovative ways to market their content and products and be more visible every day. Gamification is one of the ways businesses are turning to be seen these days. That’s why we decided in this article about gamification Instagram talk. Stay with us.


What is gamification?

Before we want to talk about gamification on Instagram, it is better to explain this term to those who are not familiar with it and examine its uses.

Gamification literally means making games. In fact, this term is used when you apply gamification art to a space or environment, which was not originally designed for gaming.


For example, you may hold an event or gathering like TEDx, and in this event, you can design games and gamification appropriate for the event and implement it for the audience. The main goal of gamification is to influence the target audience’s behavior and change it.

Principles of gamification design

For gamification design, there are a series of general principles that should be paid attention to. We will refer to them later. Of course, remember that some of them may not be the answer for every business and you use some of these principles according to your business:

  • Determine your target audience

When designing gamification, the first step is to determine who the game is suitable for and for whom it is designed. Who will be attracted to your game (according to your business objective). For example, if your business is selling women’s clothing, your main audience may be young women from the middle to upper social class who care about new fashion and are reckless and risk-taking in choosing clothes.

Knowing the audience is the first step of gamification
  • Specify the result you want to get

When designing a game, you must determine your goal. What exactly is the game that you have designed supposed to change the behavior of your audience?
For example, you may have a computer company and design a game for your employees to play, and the goal of the game you design is for your company’s employees to communicate more, or so-called ice. be broken between them.
Or in the previous example, if you have a women’s clothing store, your goal in designing the game may be to draw customers’ attention to the new model of clothing you have designed and…

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  • Do not sacrifice quality for quantity

It is better to focus on the quality and effectiveness of the game you have designed. Some people or businesses may want to design a large number of games to increase the variety of their games. While it is better to have few (or even just one) games and design them as best as you can.

  • Have an escape route for the visitor

If your game is designed in such a way that the first thing a customer or audience comes across when entering your site or store is the game, consider an escape route for them.
In fact, there are many of your audience or customers who are not interested in playing or do not want to play for any reason. So it is better for these people to have the possibility to skip the game or leave it and go to other parts of your site or store.

Maintaining quality in gamification
  • Create a competitive environment

There are different types of games, but usually games are more exciting for the audience in which they compete with others. As a result, if possible, try to include competition or ranking in your designed games.

  • Don’t make the game too hard or too easy

It is better that the game you design is easy enough that everyone can play, and on the other hand, it is difficult enough to set up so that people do not get bored and it is challenging for them.
Research has shown that people perform better and show more interest and desire in such tasks or games.

What does gamification on Instagram mean?

Since Instagram is one of the spaces where businesses are present, you can design games and ask your followers or audience to participate in these games.

These games may be designed on Instagram itself, or businesses may put the link of the game in their story, post or bio page and the audience can play by referring to that link.

Gamification on Instagram

For example, Moten Ro’s Instagram page has recently designed a game. By going to the link shared on the Instagram page, the audience plays the game of similarities and according to the points they get in the game, they get a discount from zero to 100% on Moten products.

Types of gamification on Instagram

One of the simplest games that bloggers or businesses run on their page is asking the audience to take a photo or video on a specific topic and send it to them.

Then they share the submitted photos and videos and choose the best video and photo with the audience’s vote and give it a prize.

Types of gamification

Also, another game that is played a lot on Instagram and has many fans is that you share a picture puzzle with a text in the story and ask your followers to solve it or answer the question. . The first person to answer correctly is the winner and will receive a prize from you.

Of course, these are the simplest and most convenient games that are often played on Instagram. You can design and run new and unique games for yourself.

final word

In this article, we talked about gamification on Instagram and its principles and types. You can also use this smart and attractive technique to be seen more and attract the audience.

If this article was useful for you, send it to your friends who are active on Instagram or who want to create a business.

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