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Blogging on Instagram these days is one of the jobs that has a very good income and many people are looking to become a blogger on Instagram. In this article, we will talk about Instagram blogger and different types of bloggers.


Who is the Instagram blogger?

Blogger literally means writer. In the past, when Instagram and social networks were not as prosperous as they are today, people who blogged were called bloggers.

Today, people who are active on Instagram and produce content about a specific topic are called Instagram bloggers. The difference between a blogger and an Instagram influencer, which many ask this question, is that an influencer is a person who has a very large audience and can have a great impact on the audience through his page.

While a blogger is simply someone who produces content about a specific topic (for example, cooking). Of course, a blogger may become so big and famous that he becomes an influencer. But not all influencers are necessarily bloggers.

Types of Instagram bloggers

Types of Instagram bloggers

There are many different types of bloggers. In the following, we mention 6 types of Instagram bloggers:

A photography blogger is someone who creates content about photography. This content creation can include teaching photography and sharing one’s own work portfolio. Among the good and well-known bloggers in the field of photography is @sinapiryae who produces strong educational content in this field and presents it to the audience.

Cooking bloggers usually share recipes and teach their audience how to cook various foods. There are also some of them that provide you with information about how to combine flavors, properties of foods, etc. Among the successful cooking bloggers who provide good and useful content is @shiva.chef.

Cooking blogger
  • Fashion blogger

These bloggers share new fashion styles with their audience. They also teach their audience how to style and match different clothes with each other, how to choose appropriate clothes and clothes for each place. Among the good bloggers in this field is @feranastyle.

  • Sports and fitness blogger

Sports bloggers are people who provide the audience with proper exercise, sports information, proper diet, etc.

When it comes to sports bloggers, it matters who you follow. Because an unprofessional sports blogger can endanger your physical health and self-confidence with wrong information. In this context, we introduce @mahtab_nmvr to you.

  • Psychology blogger

These days, yellow psychology is very widespread in social media and the internet. There are many people who give not very reliable material in the name of psychology to the audience.

Therefore, a good psychology blogger is someone who provides the scientific information of the psychology day to the audience. Of course, remember that psychological advice to people through the Instagram page is prohibited and completely unscientific and unprofessional.

Psychology blogger
Psychology blogger

People who do this are not trustworthy people. In this context, we introduce one of the good and useful psychology pages to you, which is @inner_safety.

Book bloggers are people who introduce different books that they have read to their audience and review those books. One of the bloggers who provide useful content in this field to their audience is the @poceansblue page.

Instagram blogger income

The income of bloggers on Instagram is different according to the number of followers and engagement of their page. These people have an income between less than 10 million tomans and several hundred million tomans.

It totally depends on the number of fans of a blogger and the quality of his content. Of course, there are many bloggers who earn their income in a way outside of their Instagram page and do not earn from their Instagram page, and their goal is only to produce content that they are interested in.

Instagram blogger income

How to become an Instagram blogger?

Everyone can become a blogger. To become a blogger on Instagram, you don’t need a lot of money or facilities, and you can start your work with low facilities and costs and gradually develop it. To be a successful blogger, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Find your area of ​​interest

The first step you take in becoming a blogger is to find your area of ​​interest. In fact, it is better for you to produce content in a field that you are interested in. So that you can study well in it and handle its content production and not get tired. Because becoming a blogger and being seen on Instagram requires effort and practice.

  1. Update your information

If you have decided to become a blogger in a field that you do not have much expertise in, be sure to read enough in that field. Try to always update yourself in that field and never give the audience information that you are not sure of.
Publishing false information in the long run will not only reduce users’ trust in you, but you may also be reported and cause problems for Instagram.
If you want to become popular and earn a good income, start your career from the very beginning. Also remember to never copy content from other pages exactly. Rather, just get ideas from them and then produce your own unique content.

How to become an Instagram blogger
  1. Learn about photography and content writing

A blogger produces visual and textual content on Instagram. As a result, it is better to have some good knowledge in writing and photography.
Of course, you don’t have to pay a lot for this. You can learn the basics on YouTube or some photography sites.

  1. Master Instagram

Raise your knowledge about Instagram and how to work with it and its different supporters. Because Instagram is your main work tool, you should try to master it.

Idea to become a blogger

To become a blogger, as we said, you must first find your interest. It doesn’t matter what topic you want to create content and become a blogger. It is important that you have enough interest and information in that field.

In addition to the types of bloggers that we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are other ideas and areas in which you can become a successful blogger.

Idea to become a blogger

Here are 20 ideas for becoming a blogger:

  1. Technology blogger
  2. Game blogger
  3. Business blogger
  4. Travel and tourism blogger
  5. Beauty blogger
  6. humor blogger
  7. Music blogger
  8. news blogger
  9. Crafts blogger
  10. Stock market analysis blog
  11. Website design blog
  12. Interior decoration blog
  13. Plant breeding education blog
  14. Home appliance repair training blog
  15. Financial advice blog
  16. Graphic training blog
  17. SEO training blog
  18. Film review blog
  19. Pet maintenance training blog
  20. Medical advice blog

final word

In this article, we talked about different types of bloggers and different ideas to become an Instagram blogger. You too can become a successful blogger by trying and reading various articles and watching educational videos.

If you are planning to become a blogger on Instagram, start now. You can ask us your questions about this in the comments section.

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