Deleting posts on Instagram and solutions to prevent this problem

Maybe it has happened to you that you share a post on Instagram, but for some reason your post is deleted. But what could be the reason for deleting these posts? Is there a solution to prevent this problem and we can recover our posts? Considering that this problem happens to many Instagram pages, we intend to address this issue in this article.

Instagram is a smart social network that has many algorithms. If your posts are against the rules and algorithms of Instagram, your post will be deleted. If this happens several times in a row and is repeated permanently, it will have a negative impact on the growth of your page.

In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons that may cause your Instagram posts to be deleted. Of course, note that getting to know more about the rules and algorithms of this social network can largely prevent your pages from being deleted. As the content production team of the Instagram follower buying site, we consider it our duty to familiarize you with these rules and algorithms. For this reason, it is better to accompany us in the continuation of this article.

Why are Instagram posts deleted?

One of the common problems that may have happened to you, like thousands of Instagram users, is the deletion of posts and video content that you share. This issue may have caused you discomfort, but the deletion of posts by Instagram algorithms is a kind of warning about your activities.

If this happens permanently to your posts, it is likely that the amount of interaction and growth of your page will decrease soon. There is even a possibility that these types of pages will be completely deleted. For this reason, it will be very important to know the reason for the deletion of Instagram posts, in order to avoid its subsequent consequences.

The only reason for deleting posts on Instagram is not following the rules of this platform. You may not know, but Instagram has strict rules regarding the production and publication of content, which non-compliance will cause many problems, including the deletion of posts. In more severe cases, there is a possibility that your user account will be completely deleted in this social network.

Types of prohibited content on Instagram

Types of prohibited content on Instagram

According to the things we said, getting to know the contents that are prohibited to be published on Instagram can prevent your posts from being deleted to a large extent. For this reason, we have prepared a list of these contents below. It is better to pay attention to the following in your posts from now on:

  • Advertisements related to the purchase and sale of firearms
  • Sellers of alcohol and alcoholic beverages
  • Sale of all kinds of tobacco
  • Trading drugs without a valid doctor’s prescription (even if this is legal where you live.)
  • Selling all kinds of live animals
  • Online betting and gambling
  • Promote sexual content
  • Inciting others to violence
  • Blackmailing people or harassing a person online on Instagram
  • Publication of violent content and videos
  • Publishing racist content

Also, sometimes it is possible that due to a misunderstanding or bugs in the Instagram algorithms, a completely normal post that does not include any of the above will be deleted. Of course, not all posts are deleted due to the publication of such content, and sometimes there are other reasons for deleting your post.

The most common reason for deleting Instagram posts and ways to prevent and fix them

Considering the many questions that the audience of the Instagram follower buying site have about the reasons for deleting their posts and a way to prevent such an event, we intend to mention a number of reasons for deleting posts from a page.

  1. Violation of Instagram rules and guidelines

If you break any of Instagram’s rules and guidelines in your posts, your post will be deleted. In such a situation, a message about the violation of the rules will be sent to you to inform you about the reason for deleting your post.

Prevention and fix solution: Before publishing the content of your page, it is better to make sure that it does not conflict with the rules of Instagram. Also, strictly avoid publishing the prohibited contents that we mentioned in the previous section.

  1. Failure to confirm the contact number and email address that you have connected to your account

When opening your account, you must verify your identity by entering your phone number and email address. For this purpose, a confirmation code or account activation link will be sent to you. If you do not use this link to confirm and activate your account, problems will arise for your page.

One of these problems is that your posts will be deleted right after you share them. It is even possible that in this case you cannot share any content on your page. Of course, sometimes it is possible that a person can use his page without any problems without going through this step.

Preventive solution: It is better to confirm your email address and mobile number as soon as possible.

  1. Using old versions of Instagram

In some cases, it has been seen that the reason for the deletion of posts was the use of an old version of the Instagram application. It is possible that the reason for such a problem for you is the use of old versions of this social network. Usually, newer versions of any application have fewer problems and bugs.

Prevention and solution: It is better to update your Instagram program regularly. It is also better to update your software with the help of reliable platforms such as Google Play Store and App Store so that you have installed the original version.

  1. Non-observance of copyright laws in posts

Non-observance of copyright laws in posts

It is true that there are no specific laws for copywriting in Iran, but this field is very important at the international level. Of course, copyright does not exist for all types of content, and texts, photos, videos and clips that do not have music are not included in this law. The main issue in copyright is the music of the posts.

For example, if you use the music and song of a famous singer on a unique video that you made yourself without citing its source, it can be said with certainty that your post will be deleted. This is one of the most frequent problems among Instagram users.

Prevention and solution: If your post is removed due to the use of music and copyright, you can ask Instagram to reconsider its decision. Of course, in order for this revision to happen, you must get permission from the owner of the work to use his music in your post, which you can do with the help of this platform.

Also, to avoid repeating such a problem in your posts, you can use the platforms that have released free and copyright-free music to the public to voice your posts.

  1. Blocking or cheering on Instagram

If you are recently facing the problem of deleting your posts, there is a possibility that your page will be refreshed. Shadoban refers to the restrictions that are created on your user account due to overdoing your activities on Instagram. The reason for this is that the algorithms of this social network consider your activities as spam.

Prevention and fix solution: All you have to do is wait for your page to be happy. Usually, it doesn’t take more than two weeks for Instagram pages to be removed. Note that this is only a temporary restriction and you will soon be able to return to your normal activities.


The deletion of Instagram posts can be a discouraging factor for many activists of this online platform to continue their activities; But as we mentioned in this article, this happens due to various issues. We mentioned some of these reasons in this article, according to which you can avoid this problem to a large extent.

The site for buying Instagram followers, as one of the best service platforms in the field of this social network, considers part of its mission to inform about problems and provide suitable solutions for them. Therefore, in this article, we tried to guide you in the best possible way.

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Frequently asked questions about post deletion on Instagram and solutions to prevent this from happening

Why is our post on Instagram deleted?

Various reasons can cause this. If your post is not against the rules of Instagram, there is a possibility that the problem is Instagram itself.

Is there a copyright law in Iran?

1- Not as bold as other countries. If you were in another country and used your favorite singer’s song without mentioning the source, the possibility of that song being removed from your post would be high, but in Iran, it is not so strict.

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