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It was after the spread of the Corona epidemic that Club House gradually opened its foot to the field of social networks, and with its new idea, it quickly gained high popularity. But have you ever wondered how this social network works? Join us to share with you the comprehensive guide of this social network with Club House training.


Clubhouse installation guide

A program in which you can communicate with other users without doing anything special and only by talking to other users, was the first time that it entered the world of social networks. This new idea during the Corona epidemic seemed to be spot on, so that many people confined in quarantine, those who were in the society and communicating with different people every day, brought to this social network, so that The speed and in a short period of time, the number of users of this social network increased rapidly.

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Installing Clubhouse for iPhone

The increase of Clubhouse users, even though this social network was initially only for the iOS operating system, made this company achieve a profit of nearly 4 billion dollars in a short time, and this is a rare development in the field of social networks. If you also use the iOS operating system and want to install this program, you have two options

  1. Download its program through your reference site
  2. Download it from the app store

After downloading, you can install Clubhouse using the invitation you received from your friends.

Installing Clubhouse for Android

Club House was initially released only for the iOS operating system and it continued for months, but despite the reception of this new idea and at the request of the owners of Android mobile phones, little by little, first the trial version of Android and then the version It finally entered the market.

Before the release of the original version of this program for the Android operating system, many unofficial versions were released through the fans of this program and many people used these unofficial programs.

You also need an invitation to install the Android version of this program. After downloading the program from the store or the reference website of Club House, enter the Club House through the invitation link.

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Installing Clubhouse for PC

Clubhouse, like other social networks, has the ability to enter it through a computer; Although this method is not provided by the Clubhouse program itself, it is a way that is available to you so that you can use this program very easily with a personal computer.

Before doing this solution, you should note that you cannot be active from the Clubhouse both through a computer and through a mobile phone at the same time, and if you enter this program through a computer, the program itself will delete its mobile version for you. ; This issue applies to both phone systems.

Our suggested solution for using Clubhouse on PC is an Android emulator! The Android emulator is a program that can be installed and run to simulate the Android operating system in Windows and thus run Android programs without any restrictions on your computer. Next, we will teach you how to run Clubhouse on your computer.

1. In the first step, if you are using Windows or Mac operating system, download the BlueStacks program and if you are using Linux, download Genimotion and install and execute it on your system.

2. In the second step, open the Bluestacks program and run the google play store; In order to be able to enter the google play store through a computer, it is enough to enter this program by entering your email.

3. After entering the google play store program, download the club house program and enter it. Be aware that you need a confirmation code that will be sent to your phone to enter the clubhouse, so be sure to keep your phone handy.

The second solution that you can use to enter the clubhouse is to download the clubdeck app. Since running Android apps on Windows may disrupt the app’s execution, we recommend using the second solution to use Clubhouse on the Windows version.

clubdeck is another program that has been released as an unofficial version by people who want to make the use of clubhouse easier for the computer. In the following, we will explain to you how to use this program.

  1. First, enter the site and download your program.
  2. After running the program on your system, enter your mobile number and enter the code sent to the phone.

With this method, you can have the attractive experience of using Club House through this program.

Clubhouse invitation

At the beginning, each person entering the clubhouse will be given some invitations, which he can give to his friends to enter the clubhouse. The point about the invitations to enter the clubhouse is that every user after working in the clubhouse for a long time and participating in different clubs, you will gradually receive new invitations. can invite new people to the clubhouse with their help.

Entering the clubhouse without an invitation

Another way to enter the Club House is to view the Club House website; In this way, you visit this site and download the program through the APP STORE and reserve your username. In this method, depending on how many of your friends are active in the clubhouse, you will be given permission to enter the clubhouse after some time without an invitation.

Clubhouse membership

To enter the clubhouse, you first need an invitation. If you don’t have an invitation, you can wait in the queue until the club house gives you an invitation.

After receiving the invitation, you enter the clubhouse. The next step is setting the profile and selecting the photo. Do not forget that your profile represents you to those who only hear your voice. Here you can follow your friends or enter rooms. Another feature you have is to find the club you want according to your interests and become a member of it.

Learning how to work with the clubhouse

Clubhouse is a social network like other social networks that you can easily and quickly learn to work with and become active users.

The first point you face is following! If you know the address of the people you know, you can easily find them by entering their ID and add them to your friends. In the next step, you can see the clubs in which your friends are members at the bottom of their profile page and join them if you wish.

There is another solution for you to join chat rooms called Hallway. To work with Clubhouse, you need to know what is this Hallway? In fact, Hallway is known as a corridor where active clubs and topics are shown to you, and if you wish, you can become a member of any of them. This method is at your disposal to find the clubs you want with just one search and become their member.

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The most important clubhouse terms

Working with any social network requires learning its terms. Clubhouse is no exception to this rule. In the following, we will introduce some clubhouse terms to you so that you can have a more prominent presence in this program with the help of them

  • room: A room where people gather and talk or listen to someone else’s talk.
  • club club: A place for meeting people with common interests and concerns
  • raise hand A feature that you can use to ask the owner of the room to allow you to speak
  • Speaker: The same people who have been allowed to speak
  • listener: The listeners of a room who are not allowed to speak are called listeners.
  • stage : It is called the place where the speakers of a room are displayed
  • Your mother: People who help the manager in a room are called
  • Invite: Inviting friends to enter the clubhouse is said to be done through an invitation
  • Trolling: It is called reporting wrongdoers in the clubhouse
  • Private ROM: It is a private chat room that no one is allowed to join
  • ptr: It means to refresh a ROM

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last word

Clubhouse is a new social network that has entered the social network market for the first time with this platform. Working with Club House is very simple and you can enter this program and become one of its active users just by reading this short article. Now you can easily work with Clubhouse after reading this article?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we enter the clubhouse through a computer?

There is no original version for this yet, but some fans of the Clubhouse program have designed a similar program, allowing you to enter the Clubhouse anytime you want through your computer. Another solution is to install an Android emulator on the system.

  • How important is the profile in the clubhouse?

It is true that Clubhouse is a listening platform, but organizing a good profile can encourage others to become friends and get to know you.

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