Banned hashtags on Instagram in 2022

On Instagram, hashtags are one of the most important things that connect users to you; In this way, the user searches for an article or topic on Instagram, and if the topic of your page or your post matches the searched topic, Instagram links the person to you;

Important topics in this article:

Of course, it should be noted that hashtags act like double-edged swords if they are not used properly or if prohibited hashtags are used, in addition to not being able to connect you and the user, they can cause There will be a problem with the page falling down.

What is the correct use of hashtags? What are the prohibited hashtags? To understand the answers to these questions, stay with us in this article to talk about banned hashtags and their impact on the page.

Instagram and why there are banned hashtags

Although Instagram is trying to provide a safe environment in its social media for users of any age and with any taste to spend time there, sometimes spammers and bots and even real users are found who use content and Prohibited, violent and against human dignity images are uploaded on the pages, as a result, it will be the mission of Instagram not to allow this type of content to be seen.

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These types of content that are uploaded with specific hashtags are banned from Instagram so that their content does not spread.

What exactly are the forbidden hashtags?

Instagram hasn’t exactly talked about the forbidden words, but in general there are a series of topics that are forbidden to talk about and exchange information on Instagram, such as the following:

1) All hashtags that fuel the issue of racism are banned on Instagram.

2) Hashtags that are a guide to buying and selling drugs are among the prohibited words that cannot be used on Instagram.

3) Pornographic and obscene content and all related hashtags have been banned by Instagram.

4) All violent hashtags and content such as terrorist issues and content and coordination in this field are among the prohibited content and hashtags that are prohibited by Instagram.

Using the above content in the form of hashtags can cause serious and irreparable damage to your page. In the least, this damage will cause the page to be temporarily blocked and the page to be closed in the long term.

How can you know if a hashtag is a banned hashtag?

How can you know if a hashtag is a banned hashtag?

As mentioned in the previous sections, Instagram has not provided exact words that are prohibited, but there are two ways to identify prohibited words on Instagram. Will you be introduced to a specific post and page comment or not?

If you do not see any page during the search, you can be sure that this word is one of the forbidden words;

Also, some users with their personal experiences have seen some words that caused pages to be banned. Of course, these words are English words, but they can also apply to other languages. We introduce some of these words here:


o #add my only fans

o #adulting

o #alone

o #always

o #asian girl

o #ass

o #attractive


o #babyrp

o #bakak

o #baddie


o #costumes

o #curvy girls


o #date

o #direct

o #DM


o #Eggplant

o #elevator


o #gloves

o #Girls Only


o #hawks

o #hustler


o #ice

o #italiano


o #killing it

o #kissing


o #master

o #Models

o #mirror photo


o #nasty

o #nudity


o #prettygirl

o #parties


o #snap

o #single

o #skype


o #Teen

o #tag 4 likes


o #undies

o #workflow

o #wtf

As a result, our suggestion to you is that when you want to use a hashtag on your post, first make sure that this hashtag is not one of the prohibited hashtags, and if you have doubts about this, you can find out about it with a simple search. If you don’t see a post for that hashtag, you can make sure that this hashtag is among the banned hashtags.

What happens if I use banned Instagram hashtags?

If you unknowingly use hashtags that are prohibited by Instagram, there is a possibility that your page will be blocked or closed altogether.

In Shadoban mode, your posts and messages will not enter the home page of users who follow you, and you will not even enter the explorer page, and in this way, Instagram prevents the publication of content that is prohibited.

Of course, it should be kept in mind that many times this happens unintentionally and unintentionally and due to misunderstanding, and you get into trouble because of a hashtag that you only used for a good and positive post, for example, words are prohibited on Instagram. Which is really a bit difficult to understand, words like “only” or “beauty blogger” and… why should they be banned?

We don’t know the reason for it either, but if such a problem happened to you and the hashtag you wanted to use for a correct and positive post became a source of cancer pain, for such cases you should share this problem with Instagram. They can help you in such cases.


Using the correct and effective hashtags on Instagram can be a good and wonderful strategy for you to expand your business on Instagram or to reach more people, but remember that using prohibited hashtags It can be like stepping on a mine and the result will be sending your page to the air, so for the security of your page, make sure before using hashtags that they are not banned by Instagram.

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Frequently asked questions about banned hashtags on Instagram in 2022

How does the use of hashtags affect our page?

My advice to you: Do not underestimate the power of hashtags. Many people find the content they need by searching hashtags. So, if you tag relevant hashtags under your posts, you can have a significant impact on increasing the number of your followers.

What harm does the use of prohibited hashtags bring to our page or post?

1- By doing this, you may increase the sensitivity of Instagram on your page and by continuing this work, you may lose your page.

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