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Instagram is like a small community where you can introduce products or services to active Iranian users with the help of the old advertising trick. But the important and noteworthy thing is the way of advertising, which is very different from the traditional way of advertising that you are all familiar with. In the future, stay with us to comprehensively teach you, dear friends, how to advertise a product on Instagram.


Income from Instagram by advertising the product

Instagram can be considered a virtual bank teller that you can easily make money from by knowing its intricacies.

Advertising on Instagram is a win-win deal for everyone; But you should keep in mind to cooperate with pages whose efficiency is higher than other competitors and affordable in terms of price, which we will fully explain to you in the following.

Pages that promote other brands’ products on their Instagram as influencers must be consumers of that product first, so that they can express their positive and negative opinions about it with ease in terms of quality. Those who have platforms on Instagram should not abuse the trust of users who follow them; Because losing the trust of users will cause your downfall and a sharp drop in the page.

Advertising on Instagram
Advertising on Instagram

On the other hand, when you don’t get the right interaction with the app, brands won’t be willing to work with you.

Product advertising on Instagram is also much more cost-effective than television advertising; So that big brands like Zermakaron have also started working with influencers in the field of food and cooking on Instagram.

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Product promotion on Instagram has advantages that include:

  • Expanding the brand name

With the help of bloggers and influential people on Instagram, you can introduce your products to a wide range of users. Today, when most purchases are made online, if the product you offer attracts the audience in terms of quality and price and creates a sense of need in the user’s mind, you will experience high sales from this method. .

  • The effect on the number of brand page followers

Introducing a product or service on Instagram can lead to a significant increase in your number of followers. Users who follow your page in this way are not reluctant to buy, but with the help of marketing tricks and quality content production, you can turn these users into your customers.

On the other hand, when the number of your followers increases, good credibility is injected into your brand, which attracts transient users to the page.

The effect of advertising on increasing followers
The effect of advertising on increasing followers

Also, your contents will find their way to the explorer section more quickly.

  • Increase site traffic

Product promotion on Instagram also affects your site traffic, and if you spend time on your website’s keywords or use an expert for your site’s SEO, you will get a good ranking in Google and through your Instagram as well. Have many entries.

Advertising methods on Instagram

At first, it is better to learn how to advertise the product on Instagram. Advertising on Instagram is in the form of producing video or image content and publishing it in a story or post with a website link and mentioning the brand page.

This will cause a large number of targeted users to enter the page and increase site traffic by including links in the content.

Unfortunately, in Iran, due to sanctions, it is not possible to use Facebook Ads or sponsored ads. This case can be considered the first difference between Instagram ads in Iran and abroad.

Extensive advertising on the Instagram platform is carried out in the following ways:

Types of advertising on Instagram
Types of advertising on Instagram
  • Advertisements inserted in the story
  • Advertise through to publish the post
  • Advertise with the help of video and IGTV tools
  • Combined advertising
  • Advertising through influencers

The first item on this list is advertising through Instagram stories. According to the advertising rate on Instagram, the most economical way for new brands is to use story ads.

On the other hand, due to the new updates of the Instagram algorithm and showing the posted content to 10% of users at the beginning of the work, the story visit rate and user interaction is much higher than the post.

Another positive thing about the story is its high impact on the clicks of the sites included in the story content.

If we want to list the benefits of this method for you, it is as follows:

Advantages of Instagram advertising
Advantages of Instagram advertising
  • High participation of users in stories
  • High engagement rate
  • High rate of visits to this section
  • The possibility of linking in the story
  • The possibility of tagging the requester’s brand page in the story
  • The presence of various effects and filters to make the story more attractive
  • And..

The second method is to use the post to promote the product on Instagram. Due to the permanent durability of the posts on the most visited pages, the advertisement rate is also higher than other methods. On the other hand, it can be said that this durability helps you to get new entries if the post of the advertiser’s page enters the explorer section. Get.

In the post section, you can upload interesting and interesting content in several ways:

Types of Instagram ads with posts
Types of Instagram ads with posts
  1. Using one-minute promotional videos
  2. Use the slide post feature and publish up to ten beautiful and catchy images in the post
  3. Posting just one simple yet persuasive image with a nice caption

Among the advantages of using the method of advertising in the post, the following can be mentioned:

  • The possibility of tagging the page in the caption and photo
  • Using the location tool that increases the possibility of entering new users
  • The possibility of inserting useful and popular hashtags
  • The existence of the comments section that has a great impact on the mind of the audience


You may have thought about the hybrid ad after reading it. Product promotion on Instagram in a combined way means the simultaneous use of story and post tools, which causes the number of visits and clicks on the website to increase several times, and users directly enter the purchase page of your website, and on the other hand, your page views also increase. will have a lot

Advantages of advertising on Instagram posts
Advantages of advertising on Instagram posts

Using the product promotion method on Instagram with the help of influencers has found a hot market among Iranian users and brands. In this method, you can use two different methods to put the product on Instagram and promote it among users.

The first method

By sending a number of your products selectively, you can ask the person to be directly present in your advertisements and bring the description of the products and their quality to the hearing and opinion of your following users.

The second method

The use of advertising banners. In this method, by making a promotional teaser or banner and sending it to your desired blogger, you ask him to include these contents in the story tool or post or both according to the agreement.

Free advertising on Instagram

The only way to promote the page for free on other user accounts is to use the exchange method.

Free advertising on Instagram
Free advertising on Instagram

In the exchange method, you publish stories and introduce each other’s pages with pages in your field that have the same number of followers. With this method, targeted followers who are interested in your field of work will enter the page and in addition to increasing page views, they will also follow you.

This method can be used twice a month. A new method that is used today for exchange between partner pages is introducing other pages among the videos published in the post and tagging them in the caption section.

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The best pages for product promotion on Instagram

There are many successful pages all over Persian Instagram that can be accessed with a simple keyword search.

Each page has its own advertising rate according to the number of visits and followers. The thing you should keep in mind is that there is no big difference between the applicant’s page and the advertiser’s page. When your page has not reached a relative credibility, you cannot cooperate with millions of active pages in your field of work.

Even if these pages accept your request, you will not get much attraction; Because the audience will not want to follow you due to the low number of your followers and the amount of interaction you have on the page, and the exorbitant costs you have paid for advertising will be burned.

Wrong Instagram ads
Wrong Instagram ads

For example, cosmetic and skin care importing pages can start with micro-influencers based on the number of followers and then, after reaching a reasonable level, continue their advertising with millions of pages like Sadaf Beauty.

The cost of Instagram ads

The first step for advertising on the Instagram platform is to find a blogger according to the number of followers of the brand’s page. Now, after preparing a list of effective influencers, you should go to the advertising rates of each one.

There are no rules and rates for advertising on Instagram, and in general, it can be said that product advertising rates on Instagram go up and down according to the taste of the page owner.

The factors that affect this number are:

  1. The number of page followers
  2. The level of user interaction
  3. Advertising feedback on the page and its effectiveness
  4. The type of advertisement and its method


Good impression for advertising
Good impression for advertising

Instagram advertising banner

The easiest way to advertise on Instagram, which has a low cost, is to make an advertising banner and send it to influencer pages.

You can produce an effective advertising banner with the help of a graphic artist and use it to introduce your page.

The cost of making an Instagram advertising banner varies according to the tools and customer requests.

The advantages of using the banner are as follows:

  1. It is impressive and eye-catching, which has a high impact on attracting the audience
  2. The possibility of adding slides and animations to the advertising banner, which makes your brand name last longer in the minds of users
  3. With the help of advertising banners, your brand has become a famous brand and a large number of active users on Instagram will get to know you, which has a great impact on the sales and clicks of your website.


Features of product introduction text on Instagram

An advertising text should be written in such a way that it can persuade the audience to use the product or service. If you can awaken the need for a product in the audience’s mind, he will become a customer of your brand.

Attractive writing in advertising
Attractive writing in advertising

So, the text should be written in such a way that it engages the audience’s mouth, and on the other hand, it should be written in a way that is attractive enough to encourage the audience to read it.

The use of words such as the best, the cheapest, the most quality, etc., which have the suffix “most” in them, has a high impact on the mind of the audience. These words can be considered verbal marketing techniques to awaken the customer’s sense of need.

Before writing a text, put yourself in the position of a customer and ask yourself: how to sell a product on Instagram so that we, as a customer, put the product or service we offer in the family’s shopping cart.

When you, as a customer, can recognize the needs of a user, you can easily produce and provide products or services that can be used to highlight the gaps in your life by bolding those needs in Instagram ads.

Correct advertising
Correct advertising

Advertising a product on Instagram seems to be a very simple task, but knowing the nuances of internet marketing and people’s needs before any advertisement, and on the other hand, producing the product and presenting it, and writing the advertisement text and new ideas to encourage the user to see Instagram ads have made this very difficult.

Several important points regarding writing product advertisement text on Instagram are:

  • The simplicity of the explanations and at the same time their completeness is of great importance.
  • Having a relative understanding of customer personas allows your ad to be published at the best possible time and place with expressive and effective words.
  • Your text should be such that it answers any doubts of the users and reassures them of the effectiveness and quality of the products offered.
  • Have your own style in writing advertising text. This will cause users to quickly remember your brand in this space if other brands copy your style.
Instagram ads
Instagram ads

final word

In this article, we tried to explain to you a complete guide on how to advertise a product on Instagram; So that you can see the increase in sales on Instagram as much as possible. If you also have the experience of advertising in this program, share it with us and your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of advertising on Instagram?
    Expanding the brand, increasing the number of followers of Karif’s page, increasing sales and clicks on the brand’s website…
  2. How much does advertising cost on Instagram?
    There is no price list for advertising on Instagram, and each page announces different rates to brands based on factors.

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