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Instagram threads or Instagram threads is a new application that was created in competition with Twitter and with similar features. This newly emerging application has managed to find a good place among Instagram fans in a short period of time, so it can be said that just as Instagram was a hot market for introducing yourself or your products, now Tradez also has this potential. To use these potentials before the market becomes saturated, you should think of ways to increase Threads followers.

Instagram and its side application, Threads, is a place for more people to think with each other in the virtual space. Like Instagram, this application has functions such as follow, like, post and reshare, and definitely, the more your Threads followers increase, the more visits, popularity and sales you will have in this app.

But because this app has just been released, many may not be fully familiar with how to increase thread followers. If you also want to increase your popularity and credibility in this popular social network, join us to share unique tips about increasing followers of Threads.


9 ways to increase Instagram followers

Increasing Threads followers has many solutions and methods, here we mention only a part of the most important methods.

1. Buying trades followers A quick and effective solution

One of the fastest ways to increase Threads followers is to buy followers. Buying followers of Trades Page will make you popular and credible with your audience. Definitely, after creating attractiveness and credibility for your page, it will be a little easier to increase the real followers of Trades by using other methods.

نکته: خرید فالوور تردز را به عنوان راهکار تکمیلی و در کنار تولید محتوا و تعامل مستمر مد نظر داشته باشید نه به عنوان تنها راه برای موفقیت در تردز.

2. Content production is the secret of your longevity

It is possible to interact with the audience in different ways, but one of the most effective ways is to create content. Of course, producing up-to-date and attractive content can keep you in the hearts of your audience.

Following your PageTreads depends on being able to communicate effectively with your audience, for which you should pay attention to the following points in your content creation:

  1. Choose the daily content of the society to create content
  2. Choose the content of the day according to your audience
  3. Ask your audience to reshare or comment and like
  4. Using photos and emoticons can give a more beautiful face to your trades page
  5. Interaction with similar accounts increases the chances of your account being seen more

3. Increasing followers of Trades by producing content that can be shared

Producing sharable content is one of the best ways to increase followers on the Trades social network. Suppose you publish a post that, for example, 20, 30 people reshare it on your page. Each of these people has several followers who may re-share your post on their page. In this way, by publishing an attractive post, your profile will be shown to thousands of people, and probably several of them will follow you.

In the same way as it was said, producing content that has a high shareability can increase the number of followers. But don’t forget this important point that the more followers you have, the faster this cycle will be; It means that more people will reshare your post, you will get more visits and also more people will follow your page!

4. Cooperation with pages that have similar activities

Another common way to increase your page followers is to collaborate with related pages; For example, publish content that you have jointly contributed to its production, hold joint challenges and…

Working with active people in your field is one of the best ways to increase real and targeted followers of Trades. In this way, you attract followers who are interested in the topic of your page, like its content, and for this reason, they hardly unfollow it; Because they were attracted to your page through a very targeted channel; That is, exactly from the page that is similar to your page and their audience has interests similar to your page audience.

5. Holding attractive challenges in Trades

Challenges are another method that different admins in different social networks are using these days to increase their number of followers. For example, some pages ask their contacts to invite their friends to the page first so that they can participate in a challenge to win a prize.

If you also want to use the challenges of virtual space to increase your followers on Page Threads Instagram, you can use common challenges such as polling about the style photos of page contacts, answering a question and getting the most likes and comments, and things like these.

6. Share your content on Instagram as well

One of the features of the Trades social network is that users can make the posts they publish in this application a story on their Instagram page. In this case, Instagram followers can be directly transferred to the Trades application by touching the post and see your post in full. In this way, you can use this feature to increase the number of followers and attract your Instagram followers to your profile on this social network.

7. Put your Trades account link on Instagram as well

After you have created your Page Trades in this application, your specific Page Trades link will be displayed on your Instagram bio page for your page contacts. In this way, your Instagram followers can visit your Threads page by just touching a link and follow it if they like its content.

The important thing that you should pay attention to in this case is that usually users don’t pay much attention to the links in the bio and these links will not get many clicks normally. So what is the use of profile link in Instagram bio?

We said that you can add your Threads posts directly to Instagram stories, but you can’t add them to Instagram posts. We recommend to increase followers of Threads in your Instagram posts with different methods and tricks, encourage your page followers to visit your Threads profile using the link in the bio page.

8. Comments are the secret of your being known more

One of the methods that has a great impact on attracting followers on social networks such as Twitter and Twitter is to leave comments under the posts of other pages. If you can put interesting and specialized fan comments under the posts of other pages, you will encourage their contacts to visit your page. In the next step, if you have quality content on your page, these visitors will become followers and permanent contacts of your page. In this way, you can use comment marketing to increase your page followers.

9. Advertising has the last word!

Advertising on other Threads pages is one of the methods that users can use to increase the number of followers on their page. You can ask your colleagues and related pages to introduce your page in their posts.

It is better to advertise in Trades in such a way that the audience of other pages do not notice that the advertisement is official. In other words, it looks like you have jointly produced content and published it on your colleague’s page. In this case, the effectiveness of advertising will be much higher than official advertising.

How do I share my Trades link on other social networks?!

Followers for threads from other social networks

One of the methods that you can use to increase followers of Threads is to share your profile on other social networks. For example, if you have a channel on YouTube, Telegram or other social networks, you can share your profile on these channels with your users so that some of them are attracted to your Page Trades.

It is enough to share your profile on other social networks:

  1. On your profile page, tap Share Profile.
  2. Then choose the social network you want.
  3. Share your profile on your channel.

Keep in mind that in addition to your profile, you can also republish Trades posts on other social networks. This feature has a special appeal to attract the audience to this social network. To do this, just do the following steps:

  1. Touch the Share icon below the post.
  2. Select the Share via option.
  3. Click on the icon of the social network you want.
  4. Select your desired channel or group to republish the post in this group or channel.

What is the fastest way to increase Twitter followers?

The fastest way to increase followers on Trades is to buy Trades followers, and you can also increase your real followers by creating interesting content.

What is the benefit of buying Twitter followers for the page?

Having a large number of followers increases the credibility of your page and makes it much easier for real followers to be attracted to your page.


The Trades social network is still in its infancy, and we’re sure to hear more from it in the future. But from now on, the users of this social network are thinking about increasing their followers and want to gain a lot of fame in it. In today’s article, we taught the best and fastest ways to increase Trades followers, including buying Trades followers. If you have any questions in this regard, ask in the comments section to get your answer as soon as possible.

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