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Subscribe is the most important word in YouTube service; Because the commercial future of each channel in this platform depends on the number of its subscriptions. If you are also planning to earn dollars from YouTube, join us to introduce you to 6 golden ways to increase the amount of YouTube subscription.


Subscribe to YouTube What is?

If you are surfing on YouTube, you have probably come across the phrase (do not forget to click the subscribe button) which is very popular among YouTube users. The English word subscribe in Persian means to subscribe or subscribe to a channel. Which is more commonly referred to as followers of a YouTube channel.

Subscribing to a channel will help you be one of the first to receive notifications if new content is published by the channel.

The higher the subscription rate of a channel on YouTube, the higher the number of views received by the content and the higher the probability that the channel will be monitored. This is why YouTube users are looking for a way to increase their channel subscription.

Subscribe to YouTube
Subscribe to YouTube

If your subscribers have activated the page ringtone, a notification will be displayed daily in the notification bar as soon as your video is uploaded.

On the other hand, the higher the content of a content in the early hours, the greater the impact on the channel ranking among competitors and also its revenue.

What is the benefit of subscribing to you?

Like Instagram, YouTube is run with the help of artificial intelligence called algorithms. When you subscribe to a channel in this space, you send signals to the algorithm.

These signals indicate what kind of content you are looking for in this space and what topics you are interested in.

According to this message, the algorithm shows the content of both category and subject in the YouTube feed to you, so that if you are satisfied with the content, you can subscribe to the producer channels.

Increase YouTube subscription

1- Choose a name for the YouTube channel

YouTube is an old and global platform that millions of new channels are created on this platform every year in order to earn money from this program. The first way to attract the users of this space is to choose an appropriate name.

The name you choose for your channel should be according to your target community in this program and the subject of the channel. If you produce great content, but your username is not attractive on YouTube, no user will be encouraged to view your channel content. Do not neglect the effect of a simple and at the same time attractive and relevant username related to your field of activity.

The second thing you should consider to choose a suitable name is the ease of remembering the name. A successful example of this strategy among Iranian YouTubers is swearing that this name is easily hacked in the minds of users, which can be the best way. Know how to increase YouTube subscription; Because the audience, if they are satisfied with your content, can easily introduce your channel to their friends and acquaintances and you will get a higher subscription.

Trick to increase YouTube followers

You can use your own name or a combination of these names. On the other hand, having a brand can show your activity in this more professional context. Some active users of this space use aliases such as mint and..

The point to keep in mind is that your account name should be commercialized and your audience should be included; The name of your cooking channel should be very different from the channel name of a toy.

2- Attractive title for videos

The biggest goal of a YouTube user to earn dollars from YouTube is to attract the attention of users and get the highest possible number of views.

Users who are interested in your field of activity on YouTube, will encounter content related to their interest in the feed section of this application. The biggest chance for any channel to increase its subscription is to attract the attention of their content among the large number of content displayed in this section.

Increase YouTube subscription
How to increase YouTube subscription

Another important thing about using an attractive title is to help SEO videos to send a signal to the YouTube algorithm so that this content is displayed to more users and get higher views.

Tip to make the YouTube title more attractive

Titles on YouTube can easily influence users’ opinions about viewing a content or subscribing to a producer’s channel.

  • Using the most extension

This extension can arouse curiosity in the audience and dramatically increase your number of visits. For example, using the most suffix after the word rich can attract the eyes of the audience. Use the most suffixes (best, most beautiful, cheapest) depending on the subject of your video.

  • Use time intervals

In this time period, users are looking for the shortest way to reach their goal. If you watch TV, you have probably encountered a lot of publicity about the entrance exam and getting a doctor in three months. Inserting a timeline for each topic can lead the audience to see the content.

For example, you have uploaded a video for dieting and losing weight, mentioning the approximate time when the effect is to be seen. (Losing weight in 3 months with each day of training)

Raise subscriptions
Trick to increase YouTube subscription

Your biggest weapon for success in this program is to use the weaknesses and curiosity of users. Ask questions related to the subject of video to arouse the curiosity of the audience to increase video views as much as possible.

Keep in mind to ask the question in the most engaging way possible so that the minds of the users are engaged to answer it and to find the answer to the question, turn to see the published content.

  • Do not use false headlines

The biggest asset of any content creator in cyberspace is the trust of the audience. So do not try to attract the audience with false headlines; Because you will also lose your previous audience. The worst thing about the audience is to use false headlines, you may conclude from this; But this trick will only work for you in a short time and then you will come to the carpet from the throne; Because the audience no longer trusts your content and, so to speak, your henna will no longer be colored.

Increase subscription on YouTube

Inserting false information and headlines can even lead to dislike, which will destroy your monetized channel.

If the headline is false, it will have a negative effect on you over time and is not a good way to increase the subscription! This trick can be considered the worst way to subscribe to a channel on YouTube.

3- Creating thematic playlists

Most novice users of YouTube, upon hearing the name of the playlist, have a list of favorite songs formed in their minds; But you should know that one of the most basic ways to increase YouTube subscription is to use this attractive feature. With this feature, you can organize your videos and use your playlist to attract new audiences.

When creating playlists for your videos, you can increase the views of your other videos with a simple trick.

Having a playlist allows the user who has opened a video to watch, then have access to the rest of your related videos, and after the end of each video, quickly display other content from this playlist to the user.

YouTube Subscribe

You can even create a theme playlist to organize videos in a single theme and separate them by searching for that theme in your channel to show the playlist.

4- Accurate knowledge of the audience

Succeeding in the virtual context requires identifying the target community; Because all your activities in this space depend on the interests and topics that are attractive to your target community.

If you do not choose your audience correctly and try to keep all the audience satisfied in this space, you will soon fail; Because the views and reactions recorded for each content return to your audience. If you started with a specific goal, the needs of the audience are clear.

Their age group and why they are on your channel is something you should invest in. If you are planning to start a certain business on YouTube, your audience will be limited to the same business.

YouTube target audience

For example, if you produce content design and painting training, your followers will be interested in art and you will attract active users to your page. But if you are a blogger, it gets a little complicated; Because you post videos of your conversations and daily activities and your audience can be of all ages and with any interest!

But you should note that as users’ information and level of concern and needs rise from an application, the channels that produce yellow content will soon be out of reach. Because programs are moving towards skill-based and targeted users in this platform are increasing day by day.

5- YouTube channel ad

The existence of a large number of content production channels and the daily publication of millions of content in this space has led to the opening of advertising techniques in this space. Channel advertising is one of the ways to increase YouTube subscription, which can be done with the help of the following methods Did it:

  • Sponsor channels with high content traffic

If you have a particular business on YouTube, you can buy ads from larger minute channels and have them cover it in their videos.

Solution to increase subscription
  • Get help from your colleagues in your field of activity
    Ask them to produce content together so that targeted followers can get to know your channels. To do this, you can use tags on the video. Like any other platform, use your own brand tag to search. It will make it easier for people for your movies.

6- The best way to increase subscription by buying a follower

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to increase your channel subscriptions, you can easily do so by purchasing a YouTube subscription.

Having at least a thousand subscriptions is one of the first conditions for a YouTube channel to be monitored, which is normally a process of at least twelve months. The best way to increase your subscription is to buy it from reputable websites like Fallcomp in the shortest possible time.

YouTube Subscribe

It is true that by buying a subscription, you will go through the process of attracting the audience in a very short time; But keep in mind that if this is not done the right way, the YouTube algorithm will notice it quickly and your channel will be deleted from this space forever.

The best way is to use the website; Because by knowing the strict rules of YouTube and modulating its algorithms, it adds the purchased subscriptions to the channel with the highest possible speed and accuracy.

Concluding remarks

In this article, we tried to introduce you to the best way to increase subscription and its complementary tricks. If you have experience in this platform, share it with us and your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the titles that make your video more appealing?

Do not use false headlines, use numbers and the most important role in attracting the audience through the titles.

What does subscription mean?

People who follow you on YouTube to get your videos up to date are your subscribers.

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