6 golden solutions to solve the problem of “couldn’t refresh feed”.

6 golden solutions to solve the problem of

Despite the fact that the Instagram application is considered one of the popular and popular programs in the whole world, users may sometimes encounter problems such as errors that confuse and annoy their audience.

Now, stay with us so that we can mention all the tips to solve the problem of could not refresh Instagram feed.

Solving the problem of refreshing Instagram

A total of 6 solutions to solve the problem Error on Instagram There are some that you can avoid and even prevent possible errors by using them. Before doing any of the ways or tips that we mention below, it is better to install the latest versions of Instagram.

Because the latest versions always have fewer problems and users use them more easily. Now, if you still encounter the “couldn’t refresh feed” problem despite installing the latest version of Instagram, we suggest you use the following 6 solutions;

Check internet settings

In fact, as long as your internet is weak, low or slow, you cannot use the Instagram program under any circumstances. If Instagram still gave an error after connecting to the Internet and you could not use it, it is better to turn off your Wi-Fi device or restart it if you are using mobile Internet.

If your internet problem is still not resolved, it is better to refer to your internet network. For example, if you are connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi, it is better to contact the telecommunications company, or if you use mobile Internet, you should refer to the company in question.

As long as the internet signal is weak, Instagram may keep showing you errors. So, to solve the problems, be sure to adjust the speed of your internet connection.

Update the app or reinstall Instagram

The next solution that you need to do to get rid of the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed problem is to update the app. In many cases, it has been observed that users get relief from many errors of this program by updating the Instagram application and the previous problems do not occur.

Since programs always work better in their updated version, it is better to always use their latest version. According to this topic, if the Instagram program has a problem, it is possible that the problems will be fixed in the new version and update.

If Instagram still gives an error after updating the program, it is better to reinstall Instagram. For example, you can delete the app and download it from another app store.

In this way, if there is a problem in the version of the program, it will disappear, and by downloading another version from a reliable store, you will be relieved of the error problem and possible errors of this program.

Restart the mobile

Restarting the mobile phone can be another solution to fix Instagram errors as well as internet connection. In some cases, users will benefit from a better internet connection speed by restarting their mobile phone, and the problem of Instagram errors will also be solved.

Checking user account contents

Checking user account contents

If you are one of the active people with many followers on Instagram, it is better to check your posts and shared content to fix the errors of this program. In some cases, comments and posts that are inappropriate and unreasonable from the point of view of this program may suffer from the problem of “couldn’t refresh feed”.

Therefore, before doing any other way, make sure of the content and posts that you shared, and if you see a bad comment or inappropriate content, it is better to delete it to fix Instagram errors and errors for you. to be

Clear Instagram cache

One of the tips and solutions to fix the Instagram error is to clear the cache and its data. Note that if you clear the cache in the mobile settings, your account will not be affected.

But if you completely delete the data of the program, your user account will also be deleted and you will have to re-enter your username and password to enter it. That is, by erasing the data, the program returns to its original state.

Since the cache memory of apps, including Instagram, causes both the phone memory and the app’s performance to deteriorate, it is better to clear the cache memory of this app from time to time so that both possible errors are reduced and the mobile cache memory is not filled unnecessarily.

Check apn settings

apn are other things that can affect the Instagram error. You can delete the old apn in this section and then enter new apn and new signals to your mobile phone. Note that APNs are located in the settings and connections section and you cannot set them through the Instagram app.

After setting APNs, it is better to set your internet connection speed to 3G or 4G so that the speed of the Internet will improve and all the new signals will be activated properly.

last word

As mentioned above, the Instagram error may have different reasons. You should first analyze the main reason and then act according to the ways we mentioned above to solve the problem.

Of course, until now, most of the users with The problem could not refresh feed are facing, by checking the internet connections, the error is also fixed and you can use Instagram without any problem. In some cases, the error may be related to the filter breaker, so it is better to turn off your filter breaker when you see it.

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