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It happens to many pages on Instagram that without buying Instagram followers, they face a drop in followers and a large number of their followers unfollow them.

This issue can be harmful especially for business pages. In this article, we are going to introduce you 5 effective ways to unfollow on Instagram. So if you have faced this problem, stay with us.


The reason for the decrease in followers

The decrease or drop of followers on Instagram can have various reasons. Apart from buying fake followers, among the reasons for the decrease in Instagram followers, the following can be mentioned:

  • Create a margin
    Many times we see that a page or a person on Instagram enters the margins and the followers of that page drop.

For example, another page may have done negative publicity against you, or you may have engaged in marginal behavior that upset your followers.

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Unfollowing on Instagram
  • Changing the user page
    Let’s say you have a cooking tutorial page that has a lot of followers. If after some time you decide to sell your page to someone else or change its user; For example, turn it into a cosmetics sales page, you will definitely face a large drop of followers on Instagram.

Because the audience that follows a cooking tutorial page is looking for cooking content, not cosmetic content. So when they see that they are not getting the content they want, they will unfollow you.

As a result, in order not to be unfollowed on Instagram, try not to change your work page in any way, and if you plan to change your job (for example, from teaching cooking to selling cosmetics), it is better to create a new page for your new job. Create and promote your new page on your most followed page to increase your followers.

Using the Instagram bot

Buying followers from bots or unreliable sites
Another reason that causes your followers to drop on Instagram and users unfollow you is that you buy followers from bots or unreliable sites.

Usually, the users who followed you through the bot are the users who sought to increase their score in the bot, so they will unfollow your page after a while. On the other hand, many unreliable sites, when they sell you followers, there will be a big drop in their final followers.
As a result, it is better to go to reputable sites such as Followcamp to buy followers in order not to be unfollowed on Instagram.

  • Not active on the page
    If you have very little activity on your page or if you completely abandon your page and do not produce any content on it, your audience will gradually forget you or unfollow your page and you will lose You will encounter a lot.

How to understand unfollowing on Instagram

To find out who unfollowed you on Instagram, you can use applications known as unfollow apps.

In these applications, you enter your Instagram username and password and every day you can check through it and find out who unfollowed you or who has little activity on your page and…

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How to understand unfollowing on Instagram

In the following, we introduce two of these applications to you:

  • Instagram unfollow program
    This unfollow application, the features of this program include: statistics and graphs of the trend of followers and followings, support for logging in with multiple accounts, support for logging in with Instagram’s two-step verification, displaying all the information related to the number of followers and followings, displaying the number People who have blocked you, receiving information automatically once a day, separating people who have not followed you back, separating people who have followed you in return, displaying the list of your most liked and most commented posts. Display the list of those who have liked or commented the most, display the list of those who have never liked or commented on your photos and…

  • Followers & Unfollowers app
    This program, like the previous program that we introduced, has other features besides displaying the list of those who have unfollowed you on Instagram.

including: displaying the graph and analysis of your page, those who are most active on your page, those who are least active on your page, followers who do not interact with your page, followers who have given you a followback Posts that have the most and least likes or comments, statistics of posts and…

Follow and unfollow program

What should we do to not be unfollowed?

As we said, the decrease of followers on Instagram, especially for businesses and those who earn money from Instagram, can cause a blow to their page and income. As a result, we have brought you the following solutions that will help you not to be unfollowed on Instagram:

  • Focus on one topic
    As we said before, changing the page user can cause your page to lose a lot of followers. In addition, it sometimes happens that you do not completely change the user on your page, but on a page that is about cooking, for example, you publish humorous, cosmetic, etc. content.

This means that you have moved away from the main purpose of your page, which is to teach cooking tips. This will make your page look unprofessional or your audience will be confused by the content you share. Because these people followed your page to learn cooking tips, not to read jokes or view other content.
As a result, in order not to be unfollowed on Instagram, it is better to focus on the main topic of your page, and if you want to expand the use of your page, go to topics that are related and close to your page. For example, if you have cooking training, you can also do mokbang or introduce good restaurants.

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Instagram page topic
  • Increase interaction with users
    Social networks, as their name suggests, are based on social interaction. In fact, the better you interact with other users, the more successful you will be on Instagram or other social networks.
    To increase your interaction with the audience, you can use these methods: respond to the direct messages and comments of the audience in a timely manner and talk to them in a sincere and polite tone, if your page is a business page and the number There are too many messages, be sure to hire an admin for your page to respond to direct messages and register customer orders, poll your audience about your work or products, sometimes share pictures of yourself at work so that the audience get to know you better and feel close to you and…
  • Have a regular content calendar
    If you are going to make money from Instagram, then you should look at it as a full-time or part-time job and do something for it every day.
    Having a content calendar and producing regular content will help you get unfollowed on Instagram.
Instagram content calendar
  • Don’t over post
    Just as not posting regularly and not being active on the page can hurt your page, too much activity can tire your audience.

For example, if you post 20 or more stories a day or 5 posts on your page, it is likely that your audience will unfollow or delete you. Even if they don’t unfollow or unfollow you, they don’t have a chance to see all of your content, so the engagement of your posts and stories goes down.

  • More focus on the story
    Instagram story has a more intimate atmosphere and more capabilities to produce diverse content than a post. As a result, it is better to focus more on creating content in the story and create simple and sincere story content.

You can also use the unique story features such as polls, question boxes, gifs, etc. to make your content more attractive and interact more with the audience.

To increase the participation of users, you can also use a contest or question in your stories and ask the audience to answer it, and finally give a prize to one of those who answered correctly.

Instagram story

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last word

In this article, we talked about the causes of unfollowing and ways to prevent unfollowing on Instagram and we provided you with solutions for not being unfollowed on Instagram.

Of course, it is true that these solutions prevent your followers from decreasing on Instagram to a great extent.

But unexpected things always happen and your page may lose followers for any reason. However, if you follow the tips that we told you, you can prevent the damage of your page to a great extent.

If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends. You can also ask us your questions in the comments section.

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