4 payment gateways for Instagram stores

4 payment gateways for Instagram stores

We were going to buy on Instagram when the seller surprisingly sent us a link instead of a card number Payment gateway send!

If you don’t know enough about these services, it’s better to stay with us until the end of the article, our intention is to introduce you to valid payment gateways and check them.

Recognition of the payment gateway

Payment gateway It is a method of transferring money from one account to another account, which makes the money transfer process much faster.

It is better to know that it is not necessary to have a website to create payment gateways.

Any page that operates on Instagram and has online sales can also use Payment gateway to benefit

It is possible that you have also used these portals, for example: you have used this portal when you wanted to pay the Snap rent, or you have taken help from the portals to pay the cost of online shopping so that you can pay the cost without worry and worry. You have paid with the highest speed.

If you are also interested in having one Payment gateway For your Instagram store, it is better to read the following content carefully to learn the steps.

Why do we need payment gateways?!

Now that we know about payment gateways and understand what their main work is, it is better to learn about the benefits of this program to help complete our information.

Advantages of the payment gateway

  • with having Payment gateway You can just send the link of the portal page related to the product to the person.
  • You can easily prepare a report online from your deposit list.
  • Usually the company that services related to Payment gateway you will receive from them, their support services are 24/7 and customer payment tracking is much easier.
  • With payment portals, customers can easily pay the desired fee because all the details of your store are in port the payment can be seen
  • In some companies that provide services to customers through payment gateways, it allows each product to have a separate link.

All mentioned benefits related to Payment gateway Are there things that might not be important to you in normal situations, or is that the reason why you haven’t used payment gateways for shopping yet?!

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Read the rest of the content more carefully than with the next methods Payment gateway get to know

4 payment gateways for Instagram stores

2 ways to get the payment gateway

There are generally two ways to use payment gateways that we will discuss…


If you have a store website, you can benefit from both methods; But if you have only set up a store page on Instagram, it is better to use the second method, which is specific to Instagram store pages.

  • Directly from the bank

People who have a store site with an electronic icon are recommended.


Note that to receive this symbol, you must officially register your brand.

Maybe you have a question as to why it was received in this way Payment gateway Are we saying directly?!

The answer is because we can receive without intermediaries and from any bank such as Mellat, Parsian, Agriculture, New Economy, etc.

  • Indirectly by private companies

The second method, which is specific to store pages on Instagram Payment gateway It is indirect or indirect.

If you are one of those people who have a store page on Instagram and have not registered your brand, the first step is to get help from private companies that are approved by the Central Bank and are engaged in providing services for payment gateways.

For this, all you have to do is visit their website and apply Payment gateway do it

What are the famous companies that are working in this field?!

These companies that are working are called Zarin Pal, PayPal, DigiPay, IDPay, etc.


Note that these mentioned companies deduct an amount of about half to one percent of the wages from each transaction that takes place.

The best thing is to follow the rules before paying on the website.

Don’t worry about this at all, each of them has suggested ways that you can reduce the amount of wage work to zero.

What is the best payment gateway to do things?!

We were busy reviewing a large number of payment gateways and in this section we are going to choose three examples of the best Payment gateway to introduce you.

  1. ID P

You can easily create a dedicated link for your store and consider a dedicated link for selling each product.

(quick and online registration)

  1. DJ P

With DigiP, you can easily access all the various dashboards and receive all the reports for all the services.

(DGP has provided round-the-clock support to you.)

  1. Zarin Pal

Zarin Pal does not reduce the fee in the first month of your membership, it has very high payment security and daily settlement.

  1. Ping

You can create a dedicated link for each product in Ping

Define the products

Issue an invoice online

It has high speed and security

He is a professional reporter

If you intend to receive Payment gateway If you are from any of the sites, just go to the website of the company and fill the form provided to you and wait for the support call.

From now on, the article is about people who are afraid of Payment gateway use because they think that their bank account information will be stolen.

How to recognize a fake port?!

Scammers and Internet thieves more often than not Payment gateway They use it to do their bad deeds.

In this section, we introduce you to methods so that you can use payment gateways with full confidence.

  • In the first step, note that the URL page address with the main address Payment gateway It should be the same, not even one letter too many or too few or out of place.

Important example*

Know that website addresses and payment gateways that are trusted by the National Bank begin with https extension. Note that if the letter s was removed, that site should not be trusted.


All payment gateways that are valid have a virtual keyboard, page Payment gateway Update if you don’t see a change in the virtual keyboard numbers, know that Payment gateway It is fake.

Another simple way that you can make sure that the payment portals are fake is to enter all your bank card information wrongly.

If you encounter an error by entering incorrect information in the system, it indicates authenticity and trust Payment gateway was.

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