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twitter It is one of the old social networks that still has many fans both in Iran and in other parts of the world. If you have recently joined the huge number of Twitter fans, you must have many questions in your mind! What is a mention? What does Fio mean? retweeted and… now if you want to know what the Persian Twitter terms mean? Join us to learn these terms together.


Twitter is more popular than ever

These days, Persian Twitter has become one of the most popular Iranian social networks, especially for younger people; Although it has a long way to catch up with Instagram, Twitter users believe that Twitter is much healthier and more attractive than Instagram.

Twitter terms

Another basic belief of people active on Twitter is that the Twitter environment is very similar to the real state of society, unlike on Instagram, no one on Twitter is trying to pretend to be the happiest person on earth. However, this space is very wide and by entering it, it is as if you are entering a different and new world.

The language of Twitter, a language unique to itself

One of the interesting points that you will encounter when you first enter Twitter are strange and different terms that you may not have encountered before. The same terms that you come across many times during your activity on Twitter are in a way your way of communication with other people on Twitter.

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The interesting thing about Persian Twitter is that this social network is a small community that has its own unique language, and if you want to join it as a new member, you must first learn the language of this community. . In the following, we will examine the terms of Twitter together so that you can get to know more about this social network.

to tweet

The first Twitter term you need to get familiar with is “tweeting”, tweeting is kind of like posting on Instagram. Each user can share a photo, video or text depending on his mood, his knowledge and the current conditions of the society in any tweet with the platform. In fact, any photo, video or text that a person shares directly on his Twitter page is called a tweet.

The term tweeting on Twitter

Maybe there is a belief that tweets are only posted in the text field; It is true that the format of shared tweets is in the form of text, but photo and video tweets are also shared, perhaps not as much, but to the same extent.

What does fave mean?

Another 15 Twitter terms you should be familiar with is Feving. Feving is equivalent to liking in other social networks. Fio is actually abbreviated as favorite. If you like the content of a tweet, you can like the tweet you want and help it to be seen by turning the heart under that tweet red.

The term

What does mention on Twitter mean?

What does Mention mean? Mentioning is another Twitter term that you should be familiar with right from the start. It will definitely happen that by viewing a tweet you will be interested in commenting on it or participating in a discussion, tagging is actually the ability to participate in discussions or express opinions. At the bottom of each tweet, you can write a text for the author of the tweet or share a photo and video, which is called a mention.

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What is that mention on Twitter?

In addition to mentioning, there is another feature that other Twitter users can react to your mention, like it, or leave a comment for your mention. In the term, when a new mention is posted in response to a mention, it is called that mention.

The term is to mention on Twitter

What does retweeting mean?

If, after seeing a tweet, you like its shared content and want to share it with your other Twitter friends, here is a function called retweeting, which allows you to see a tweet. help . At the bottom of each tweet, there is an option in the form of two arrows that you can retweet the tweet you want by clicking on it.

What is Five Star?

As we said, Fev is the same as liking a tweet; If the number of people who like a tweet is more than 1000 people, or in fact the number of followers of a tweet is more than 1000 likes, then it is said that the tweet has been liked. What is the tweet thread?

Every tweet that is posted has a certain amount, for example, you cannot have more than a photo or a video or 280 words in a tweet. Add original tweet. In the term of Persian Twitter, this action is called Rashtu, which is shown as #Rashtu.

The term

What does it mean to ignore on Twitter?

Ignore is another Twitter term that you must have looked at with surprise after encountering it. If you ask a question or post a tweet that no one reacts to, it is said that the followers have ignored you. In general, not reacting to anything on Twitter is called ignoring.

What does momenting mean?

Moment means gathering similar tweets and categorizing them into a group so that the audience can see similar tweets by referring to a topic. In this case, when a person searches for an option, he faces many other options that provide him with the necessary information in that case.

What does cutting mean?

Sometimes it happens that while retweeting a tweet, you intend to comment on it and you want to share your opinion with other people on Twitter and your followers. In this feature, you write your opinion on top of the tweet while retweeting.

The term

What is a Twitter impression?

In simpler language, impression is the level of activity and feedback of a person on Twitter. If the tweets you share get likes and mentions, or you interact with other people during the activity, you’ve saved your impression. But if you don’t receive Fevs and Mentions or if you don’t leave Fevs and Mentions for someone and you don’t have interaction and follow, then your impression is broken.

What is Twitter Direct?

Like other social networks, besides the public space that it provides, Twitter also has a private space for interacting with other users, which is called Direct in common terms. You can talk privately with anyone you want in the direct format.

What is suspension?

Being suspended is equivalent to being blocked in other social networks. Of course, it means public block! When the author of the tweet posts a tweet with insulting, racist or any illegal content, the user account will be suspended or suspended upon reporting by the users.

What does a Twitter storm mean?

A Twitter storm is actually a flood of hashtags related to a topic that are published at a certain time in the tweetable. There comes a time when most Twitter users show a wide reaction to an event in the community or even the events inside Twitter itself, which is called a Twitter storm.

The term Twitter storm on Twitter

What is Twitter trending?

When a Twitter storm is successfully carried out and the number of hashtags exceeds a certain amount in an hour, it is called trending. Of course, we have two types of trends, one is the Persian Twitter trend, which includes the most hashtags on Persian Twitter, and the other is the global trend, which includes global topics. Trending of an issue is directly related to the importance of the issue in the society.

final word

In general, Twitter, like other social networks, has its own language and terms. In this article, we tried to help you to have an easier activity on Twitter by introducing these terms. Since you started on Twitter, what other Twitter terms have you come across that are confusing to you?

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