13 magical ways to increase Instagram comments

13 magical ways to increase Instagram comments

Instagram is one of the most important applications in today’s society that people can use to earn a lot of money, you can Increase comments on Instagram Boost your pitch and win the trust of others.

There are many ways that you can use to increase comments, one of the available methods is buying comments, which can be considered a fake method.

Among other old methods, we can mention your request from the follower to post a comment, this way can be suitable and effective for a while, but after a few requests, your page will appear helpless.

If the intention Buy comments on Instagram You have yourself, it is better to follow us in the rest of the article to learn about 13 wonderful methods in this field.

The reason why Instagram comments are important

You may be wondering why comments are an important topic on Instagram.

  • The first reason can be interacting with your audience, the more you talk to your followers, you can learn about their thoughts and tastes and turn your audience into buyers.
  • One of the ways to know which post has been welcomed by the audience is its comments. The more comments posted on a post, the more it is certainly received.
  • Customers are always looking for a valid page to buy, they try to find out its validity through the number of likes and comments on your posts, so if a page with high followers but few comments, it will certainly not be reliable because it indicates This means that the followers are not real and are completely fake.
  • Instagram has its own rules and acts according to them, for example, if a page and post have high comments, the percentage of them will be seen more.

Right time to post

One of the important factors in Increase Instagram comments It has a great impact. It is the right time to post. You should leave your content when the audience is present in the program so that it is welcomed.

In order to realize this process, you must have sufficient knowledge of your followers, for example, if you have a page for stationery, your audience is mostly students, so you must publish your post during their break after school time. .

You can visit the page of your colleagues to find the right time and find out what time is right by checking their activities.

There are various applications available on Instagram that can show you the age and gender of the follower and the time they are online.

One of the other available methods for the audience to be online is live scheduling. By doing this, you can find out what hours of the day people are online, it is better to do this several times during the day.

Stimulating the audience to comment

Stimulating the audience to comment

Many posts naturally make you express your opinion and leave comments, these types of posts can stimulate the emotions of users, to make these types of posts work better, you can publish them at certain times.

For example, during Eid, you can ask users to comment on the customs of their city by placing a post.

Or, by posting about the party, you can ask for their opinions on the best and worst party.

Another way is to cooperate with bloggers, it is better to find influencers who work in the field of your page, in this way their audience will follow you and be attracted to your page.

Clearly ask your audience to leave comments.

One of the easiest ways to increase comments is to ask the audience to comment or tag their friends, this can increase your comments, but if you do this continuously, you will lose your real followers. you will miss

Audiences are looking to read interesting comments, so if the content of your comment is not interesting, they will unfollow you. For this purpose, it is better to ask your audience at the end of the caption, what is your opinion on this matter or questions like this.

Reposting the comment

One of the ways to increase the interaction between you and the audience is to replicate their comments, you can respond to their comments. Increase comments on Instagram Be yourself, people can’t understand that all comments are from you, but only cause interaction between you and users.

In this way, your audience will understand that there is a real person behind this page, for whom their opinions are important.

Reposting a comment can boost your business, people who are unhappy with the product of your page can say it in the comment and you can prove to your followers that you care about them by admitting your mistake.

Design multiple choice questions

Design multiple choice questions

You can ask the audience to comment by asking multiple choice questions, the questions should be related to the content of the page so that users will be more willing to answer.

For example, people who have clothing pages can ask their audience which color blouse is best by placing a post. Red or white?

Instagram contest plan

You can increase followers and comments with a contest design for your page. In the past, followers were asked to tag their friends under the post and they gave a prize to the chosen one, but now Instagram has prohibited this. .

But you can ask your audience to write meaningful comments under your post and give prizes to people.

Another contest that you can organize is to post a post and ask followers to write a suitable caption for it, in this way give it a prize by lottery or choose the best comment and send it a gift. do it


Putting a blank space in the post or caption can make the audience to comment, for this you can ask a question and leave a part blank so that the audience can fill it and comment for you.

Among the questions that can be asked:

My request from online shops is _____.

The best thing that happened to me today is _____.



Video is one of the most interesting events on Instagram, which started with short videos and today has reached the stage of placing rails, etc., you can attract the attention of the audience by placing video content and increase the number of comments. become it

Face post placement

According to the conducted research, people communicate more with the posts in which people or selfies are posted. The more people are interested in your post, the better the commenting will be.


The right hashtag can lead your post to explore and increase the number of viewers. The more people interact with you, the more people will have a direct impact on the increase in comments, so you can post according to the interests of the audience and put the right hashtag on it. Give to be seen better.

Pictures of animals

Statistics show that people are very interested in pets, etc., you can attract the attention of the audience by placing photos of animals in your post, and followers can leave comments to express their interest in the photo.

Continuous posting

If you want your page to become popular and your comments to increase, it is better to publish posts periodically so that your page is seen, having a special and regular plan for publishing posts can attract people’s attention.


Pay attention to this point if your page is closed, few people can watch you, so you should go to Instagram settings and set your page to public mode so that your followers can find you easily.

Keep the notification light on

Keep the notification light on

It is better for you to turn on your phone to see and reply to the comment as soon as you post it, replying to the follower’s comment can increase your comment, this will make people feel friendly with you and leave you a comment. .

Hiring admin

Most of the pages that have high followers do not have time to respond to the comments of customers and followers, for this it is better to hire admins in this field so that they can respond to people with a good attitude.

Use all formats

You should for Increase comments on Instagram Use all the formats and features of Instagram and don’t limit yourself to video posts or rails, because the audience likes your content to be up-to-date and diverse.


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