Learn how to limit the amount of time you spend on Instagram

Teaching how to limit the time of using Instagram

We all know that we spend a lot of time on social networks, it takes away time from studying and doing daily tasks and can have negative results for us.

Instagram is one of the attractive social media and it has attracted many users due to its practical tools and variety of posts, funny, educational clips, etc. and on the other hand, viewing these posts on Instagram consumes a large amount of your internet.

In such a situation, the time has come to introduce the Your Activity feature and control activity on Instagram. This feature shows users how long they have been using Instagram. It also allows users to manage their Instagram usage time. Next, we will explain how to limit Instagram usage time.

Getting to know how to limit the time of using Instagram

With the new tools presented, you can control the time of using social networks such as Instagram. Your Instagram activity feature tells you how much time you spend on the Instagram app and also helps you set limits to control your Instagram activity. If the duration of activity on Instagram exceeds the set limit, you will be informed with the help of Instagram reminder.

You can also use the Notification Settings option to customize the receipt of Instagram notifications and specify which notifications will be sent to you through the Instagram application. Seeing fewer notifications means fewer visits to Instagram.


To view your activity on Instagram, you must update the Instagram application to the latest version. In the Time on Instagram section, you can see the average time of using the Instagram application in the last week in a graph.

Time management strategies for using Instagram

The good news is that by using your activity on Instagram, in addition to the possibility of viewing the duration of Instagram use, it is also possible to set a time limit to control Instagram activity and save internet usage.

Time management methods using Instagram are explained below:

Instagram reminder

Instagram notification settings

1- Control the activity on Instagram with the Instagram reminder feature

Many users are looking for a way to control Instagram activity, with the help of which they can reduce the time of using this application. To control activity on Instagram, follow the following path:

1_ After updating the Instagram application, open it.

2- Go to your personal profile page.

3_ Touch the Instagram three line icon button and select your activity from the opened window.

4- Now select Set Daily Reminder option on the screen that appears.

5_ Enter the time limit for using Instagram on the displayed screen.

6_ Finally, select the Set Reminder option.

After setting the Set Daily Reminder option, you will receive a special notification from Instagram when you are more active than the set time limit in the program.

1- Control the activity on Instagram with the Instagram reminder feature

1- Control the activity on Instagram with the Instagram reminder feature. 2

2- Control Instagram activity with Instagram notification settings

In the training to limit the time of using Instagram, it has been realized that the notifications sent from Instagram tempt users to visit Instagram continuously, and this makes it impossible to manage the time of using Instagram and spend regular time on Instagram.

Another way users can control the amount of activity on Instagram is by customizing Instagram notifications.

We can decide which accounts we receive notifications from on Instagram. By removing additional notifications, we visit Instagram less often. To do this, follow the steps below:

1_ After updating Instagram, from your profile page, touch the menu button above the three-line Instagram icon.

2- From the opened menu, tap on your activity option.

Then select the Notification Settings option.

By selecting this option, you will enter the Instagram notifications section and you can customize the notification settings of each section of Instagram.

Important tips on how to limit the time you use Instagram

Be purposeful

When you log into the Instagram app, consider interacting with others. For inspiration, watch the Instagram stories of some of your favorite users, reply to their directs. Or check out what your favorite brands are up to on Instagram’s IGTV.

Limit yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in social media and allow yourself to forget about your responsibilities and obligations. However, it’s okay to use Instagram as long as you don’t overuse it. Use the new time management feature to control yourself! Edit your photos in batches and take the time to write captions. Sometimes posting content can be the most time-consuming task! This is where planning your Instagram page comes into play.

As you read, in this article, we introduced one of the functional features called your activity feature on Instagram.

We also taught how to manage Instagram usage time to control Instagram activity. The “Your Activity” section of Instagram allows users to see when they are active on Instagram.

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