Is Instagram unfiltered?

Fixing the Instagram filter After 100 days of protests in Iran and internet outages, some users reported that they were able to access Instagram without connecting to the filter breaker and without restrictions. These people had unrestricted access to Instagram on the second day and did not engage in filtering the next day.

Of course, there are still many users who can still access Instagram with a filter breaker.

The removal of Instagram restrictions is sporadic and does not apply to certain people. Internet subscribers of all three operators and home networks in some geographic locations have been able to connect to Instagram without any restrictions.

Condition to fix the filter

There are statements that inform about the removal of Instagram and WhatsApp filters. Parliamentarian Reza Taghipour spoke about the possibility of removing WhatsApp and Instagram filters in the Supreme Council of Cyberspace if the Security Council decides.

Also, on Friday night, the Minister of Communications said in a live conversation with the Khabar network that he will seriously pursue the development of domestic messengers.

  • Is Instagram unfiltered?

Fixing the Instagram filter was not denied

Does this mean the continuation of WhatsApp and Instagram filtering?

In response to this question, the Minister of Communications stated that: if the restrictions of social networks are to be removed, internal messengers will be designed in such a way that people prefer to use foreign programs instead; Use internal social networks.

Zarepour has not confirmed the removal of the Instagram and WhatsApp filters, but he did not deny the removal of restrictions either.

According to the previous messengers that the government launched, it is not clear what plan the government has in mind so that its fate is not like the fate of Soroush messenger?

Programs that have been auctioned by the government; They did not have special customers and fans.

In the meantime, only billions of expenses were spent to compete with programs like Telegram. However, with the limitations that Telegram has, it is still very popular among users.

Fix Instagram filtering

Fix Instagram filtering

Some users who were in the border area of ​​Iran were able to access Instagram without restrictions on Friday evening, but the removal of the Instagram filter may be a bit optimistic.

Surveys have shown that every day that the Internet is down and there are restrictions, a loss of 3,000 billion tomans is brought to Iran. This means a loss of 300 thousand billion tomans per hundred days.

Politicians who have ignored such a loss, it is not clear what reason they show for continuing to remove the Instagram filter?! That too in the situation where people’s protests have reached the hundredth day.

The Ministry of Communications is looking for a program that will forcibly replace programs such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Unrestricted connection to Instagram in the last few days is not out of several modes. Iran’s filtering network may have problems or they are conducting tests on foreign platforms.

During this time, people have also mentioned the arrival of the Starlink signal, which seems impossible. Because Starlink Internet access, even if it is free, requires special facilities and equipment.

Finally, taking into account the views of the statesmen, representatives and officials, it is impossible to remove some of the restrictions, we even have to wait for the permanent filtering of these social networks.

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