How to backup from Instagram, make a backup

If you are a frequent user of social media, especially Instagram, you probably remember the times when you lost your account, were hacked, or for some reason your page was blocked and your access to page information was blocked. It is demolished;

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In such cases, if you have taken a risk and have not saved a copy of your images and videos for yourself, you will generally lose them.

In order not to lose your channel information in general, you can back them up. In the backup, you will have a backup or additional copy of all your information on Instagram. In this article, we are going to share with you how to do this.

How to backup Instagram account information

In order to backup your page and all its images and videos, you must use the download your data function that is included in Instagram itself.

  • How to backup from Instagram, make a backup

With this feature, you can send all the information you have on your page, from images and videos to stories and comments, to your email and have a copy of them in this way. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open Instagram and enter your profile.
  • Touch the three lines on the top and right side of the screen.
  • Now select the setting option.

How to backup Instagram account information

  • And now hit security.
  • At this stage, when it is the turn to perform a backup, you must select the download data option.
  • It will show you a message that says Instagram wants to send you a backup of all your page files and it may take up to 48 hours to collect it. Of course, this is an approximate time and it may take less or longer. Now, at this stage, you must select the request download option.

How to backup Instagram account information 2

  • After doing all the mentioned tasks, now you have to enter the password of your page in the box that appears for you.
  • When you have done all the steps and finished, finally click on the word done.

How to backup Instagram account information 3

After you have done these things, Instagram will send you a zip file that contains the complete information of your page since you launched it.

By entering the information of your page and extracting the file from the zip mode, you can access all the information of your page. Backing up profile information can be done any time you want and has no restrictions.

Why is it important to backup the Instagram page?

This issue is one of the things that comes up as an option on Instagram, because it allows you to have all your activity on Instagram at once in one file, and this feature is unique for Instagram.

And in no other application can you have your virtual records such as comments, likes and follows together and be able to download them; All in all, what this feature does on Instagram is ensure that none of your valuable information is lost.

About files that can be backed up

Taking a backup on Instagram has no time limit, no limit on the number of backup times, and no data volume limit, and you can easily back up your files on Instagram whenever you want.

If you don’t want to back up the page files after collecting them in a large volume, you can use the Instagram settings so that every time you send a post to your page on Instagram, a copy of it is created. save in your gallery;

To make these settings, you can activate the save original post option from the Instagram settings. Note that the backup file that Instagram sends to you can only be used for 4 days and after that it will be lost, so be in a hurry to download at this time and download your files as soon as possible before the link expires. download.

The file sent from Instagram will contain exactly what information?

The file sent from Instagram will contain exactly what information?

The file that Instagram sends you after your request will contain images, videos, pages that you have followed, direct messages, searches, comments you have left on people’s posts, and all of your activity on Instagram.

Frequently asked questions about backing up from Instagram

Is it possible to transfer the information to another page?

No, this is not possible and you can only download your information and then share it on another page.

How and in what format are Instagram files sent for download?

These files are in json format, after downloading, if a file is not visible, you should use a format change software to easily access the desired files.

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