Attractive captions for Instagram posts + 5 magic formulas

Millions of posts are published on Instagram every day, some of which have similar content; But the factor that causes some of them to be seen millions of times while others do not have many visits is the attractive title. Writing an attractive title can tempt the user to see the post you have published, or it may not be attractive and users will simply skip it.

Important topics in this article:

Paying attention to the fact that many people decide to read an article just by seeing its title doubles the importance of writing a title.

Considering the very tough competition that exists on Instagram these days, writing an attractive title for posts can put you head and neck above other similar pages.

For this reason, in this article, we intend to provide you with strategies for buying Instagram followers that are used to write an attractive title. We will also teach you 5 magic formulas to increase the attractiveness of Instagram captions.

  • Writing attractive titles for the post + 5 magic formulas

The importance of attractive captions on Instagram

As mentioned, writing an attractive title is very important for Instagram posts. With the help of the words you use, the users will be captivated when they reach your post and will read it to the end and show their satisfaction with likes and comments. But if you don’t pay enough attention to your titles, users will quickly skip your post.

You don’t need to be a skilled writer or have high writing skills to write attractive titles; Rather, it is enough to know your audience well and respond to their needs. To attract the audience and achieve your goals, you must take the power of words seriously and enchant your audience with the right order of words.

In the following, we have mentioned a number of important points in writing Instagram titles, by following which you can significantly increase the amount of feedback on your posts.

The use of long titles is prohibited

  • The use of long titles is prohibited!

The results of research conducted on Instagram users in the past years show that almost 83% of users give your posts a chance based on the first 70-60 characters at first glance. If you can draw the audience’s attention to you with the first 60-70 words, most likely that person will see the content you have published until the end.

For this reason, the title he writes for his posts should not be too long. Also, in addition to being short, the title should be attractive and catchy and express the purpose of the post well. In this way, the user gets to know about the topic of the content that you have published at first glance and in less than a few seconds.

Using vague titles will make your audience run away; Because most people don’t have the patience to speculate. For this reason, your posts should have a clear title and convey the purpose it pursues to the users in simple language.

For example, suppose you want to publish a post about the benefits of coffee. In this case, writing a title like this (in this post, you will learn about the five benefits of coffee) cannot be an attractive title, and probably many users will not even read this title to the end.

For this post, writing a title like this (5 reasons why you should drink coffee!) can be more attractive and, at the same time, it will raise the purpose of the post.

  • Do not use catchy titles.

It is true that using catchy titles can increase your views, but this creates expectations in the audience. If your post can’t meet the audience’s expectations, you won’t get the desired result. Also, this issue can have many negative feedbacks that will affect your reputation.

In such a case, you should pray that the user doesn’t feel like posting comments, otherwise the post comments will be full of negative and even bad comments. Of course, using misleading titles is not the right thing from a professional point of view. With these interpretations, it is better not to use deceptive titles at all.

For example, maybe a similar title (the effect of coffee in the treatment of Corona) will attract the attention of many people. Especially since the corona disease has received a lot of attention in recent years; But if there is no related content to your post, your title will be misleading.

Pay attention to the font and layout of the title

  • Pay attention to the font and layout of the title.

To design the cover of your videos and posts, be sure to pay attention to the type of font you use to write titles and how to arrange them. It is better to design the title of your post in a unified way and in such a way that the user can read the relevant text at first glance.

Inappropriate and strange creations in the arrangement of phrases may cause the user to not be able to understand how to read the title and thus pass your post without paying attention. Also, unreadable and complicated fonts will make the audience run away from your posts.

  • Choose the correct size of your headings.

Certainly few people like to strain their eyes to read the title of a post. For this reason, the font size you used to write your title should not be too small. Also, the font size should not be so large that it occupies your entire cover and there is no space to display other cover items.

The font you use should neither be too big nor too small. Also, pay attention to the fact that there is no specific standard for the size of fonts and you should choose the right font for your posts according to the type of font you are using.

5 magic formulas for writing post titles

According to the studies, there are formulas that can increase the amount of attention to your posts to a significant extent. In the following, we have mentioned 5 of these magic formulas.

  1. Combination of number and solution

One of the most effective techniques in writing a catchy headline is to use a number and a solution together. for example:

10 foods to lose weight!

5 ways to increase followers on Instagram

7 home methods to treat corona

It is interesting to know that in this method, the number 7 is highly popular and receives more attention from users.

  1. The combination of a question word and the need of the audience

Using question phrases makes the user understand at first sight that you are looking for a solution. In this way, you can find exactly your target community. for example:

How to enter explore?

How to download from Instagram?

Why buy likes from the Instagram follower buying site?

Use of warning phrases

  1. Use of warning phrases

It is interesting to know that most people make their decisions based on avoiding losses rather than making profits. For this reason, using warning phrases in the title of a post can attract more people’s attention. for example:

Be careful not to hack your Instagram page.

Warning, Corona is lurking.

  1. Write in the audience’s language

This method is recommended for people who intend to sell their goods and services on Instagram. In this case, the title should be as if it came out of the audience’s language. for example:

The best shoes I have ever bought.

The quality of this dress made me buy two other different colors.

  1. Use of shocking sentences

Usually, the titles that can cause a shock or excitement in the user are more considered. It is interesting to know that most of the pages use this method to attract the audience, while the content of the page has nothing to do with it. for example:

Photo of the two actors of the Yaghi series with…

Controversial fight between two famous actors

The strange car of the singer


Considering the importance of the title of a post in the decision of users to see the continuation of a post, you should give special importance to this part of your posts. In this article, we tried to briefly mention some important points about writing attractive titles for Instagram. We hope that the techniques we have taught will be fruitful for increasing your followers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it appropriate to use long titles for Instagram posts?

Many users only pay attention to the first 80 characters when viewing post titles. So writing long titles is not only unattractive, it can also be awkward.

What are the characteristics of an attractive title for a post?

Typically, catchy headlines have characteristics, some of which include the right font, news value, and fun.

What is the best formula for writing a catchy title?

Choosing the best formula for writing a headline depends on the topic of your content. For this reason, it cannot be said that a specific formula is effective for all types of posts.

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